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Am I the only one who cringes whenever this idiotstick opens his piehole near an open mic?  I was never a supporter, and never will be.  Something about him being an unpatriotic leftist with no understanding of or appreciation of history to make me feel comfortable with him anywhere near real power.  Especially considering his freindsand all he has deliberately concealed about about himself.  But truly, he could do himself and his administration an enormous favor by just keeping his mouth shut and ceasing to pretend that he has the slightest clue what he is talking about.  He needs to quit competing with his Vice-President for the title of “Biggest Clown in D.C.”  Besides, the smart money is on Bwarney Fwanks for that coveted Democratic Leadership position anyway.  Today, the O ventured forth with an opinion on taxes and the tax code.  Most of it was his version of “I feel your pain” combined with “Its all the fault of those damn tax-cutting Republicans”.  Predictable, and completely necessary from his viewpoint.  If we had a sane tax policy, then there would not be any money to fund community organizing groups with a penchant for illegal activity undertaken with one goal in mind:  Get Democrats Elected.  If that goal is not met, then important policy goals such as midnight basketball, destroying the medical profession, making sure we all pay for the mortgages of those who shouldn’t have had mortgages, and creating and expanding every conceivable entitlement would not be fulfilled.  As I said, all routine and predictable.  But, like the toilet in a frat house afflicted with diarrhea, his cup runneth over and he opined thusly:

Finally, we need to simplify a monstrous tax code that is far too complicated for most Americans to understand, but just complicated enough for the insiders who know how to game the system.  So I’ve already started by asking Paul Volcker and my Economic Recovery Board to do a thorough review of how to simplify our tax code, and to report back to me by the end of this year.  It’s going to take time to undo the damage of years of carve-outs and loopholes.  But I want every American to know that we will rewrite the tax code so that it puts your interests over any special interests.  And we’ll make it easier, quicker and less expensive for you to file a return, so that April 15th is not a date that is approached with dread every year.

This is one of the special Obama speech nuggets that just sends a chill down your spine, because in saying it, he demonstrates that his ignorance and arrogance are equally large beyond his ability to successfully manage.  The tax code?  Yeah, its a beast, and I had to go to school for 9 months just to begin to learn how to work with it and advise clients how not to get into trouble or how to get out of trouble with the Internal Robbery Service.  Yes it is complicated.  Yes, most Americans do not understand it, but then again, most Americans do not have to.  That is why we have H & R Block, Jackson Hewitt, individual C.P.A.s, Turbo Tax software, and for many among the ranks of Americans, the form 1040EZ.  If I did not pay attention to detail, I might look at the tax troubles of many Obama nominees and appointees and conclude that “Wow, The Fresh Prez of Bill Ayers is right!  Look at all those super brilliant appointees that our government simply cannot be destroyed without.  If the tax code is so complicated that even they can’t figure out how to do it right, what chance do I, the gullible worshipper of this sneering pretender, have to possibly figure my taxes out?”  Unfortunately for the liars and damn liars populating this administration, including the Chief Reader himself, I know that the tax problems these Democrats have come from their failure to report or correctly report various liabilities and income, not because their taxes are so complex that no one could be trusted to correctly prepare and file tax returns.  That’s why God made CPAs and Tax Attorneys anyway.  Asking Paul Volker and his economic advisers to examine the issue and suggest ways to simplify the tax code is a little like asking your typical 5 year old to perform brain surgery:  of course it may seem easy to him, he has no idea what he is talking about.  It would be like me deciding that it is a simple matter to repair a fine watch.  I can open the jewel case, I can observe the movements, take it apart, but when I put it back together, there are going to be pieces left over.  What makes it worse is that these changes would be proposed by the same people who brought you the Progressive Income Tax to begin with.  You know, that brilliant system that enshrines the notion that it is perfectly fair to tax people who make more money than you at a higher percentage, rather than simply charging everyone the same rate, and collecting the increased amount levied on wealthier taxpayers, and essentially forgiving the tax liability of those who make less.   Sounds like more CHANGE! and less HOPE! to me.  Just more of what I have come to expect from Obama’s Politics of Lowered Expectations.  He will continue to weigh down and destroy everything about this country until it really is as bad as he keeps saying it is.  I guess no one told him about self-fulfilling prophecy, either.

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