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Obama, speaking to the press as the summit ends, on Cuba: “The policy we’ve had in place for 50 years hasn’t work the way we wanted – the Cuban people are not free.”

Which is only one-half of why we don’t get in bed with the Kommunist Killer Klowns of the World.  Whether he feels it is proper or not, the President of the United States can confer legitimacy and approval on foreign leaders and their nations in how he acts toward them.  While Obama appears never to have met a thug or petty tyrant that he did not feel an obvious affinity for, he clearly does not recognize or value the message that has been sent in the past.  Obama is correct in the statement he makes.  The Cuban people are not free, but when we trade with their country and warmly embrace their thugs-in-chief, we send a demoralizing message to the people who dream of a better life like the kind we have enjoyed here.  It also portends things to come here.  When you embrace evil, it will flow back to you.  The little compromises are already in place.  Universal healthcare, which will of course mean that someone else will tell you what you can eat, and how to live, and classifications of byproducts of natural biological processes as pollutants, and imposing a ridiculous cap and trade scheme, and increasing intrusions into your personal life, all for your own good, means that he really doesn’t think that there is much wrong with what these international bad actors are doing.  Too bad our leader thinks we can’t see it.

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