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The reason any conservative’s failing is always major news is that it allows liberals to engage in their favorite taunt:  Hypocrisy!  Hypocrisy is the only sin that really inflames them.  Inasmuch as liberals have no morals, they can sit back and criticize other people for failing to meet standards that liberals simply renounce.  It’s an intriguing strategy.  By openly admitting to be philanderers, draft dodgers, liars, weasels, and cowards, liberals avoid ever being hypocrites.

In liberal’s worldview, any conservative who is not Jesus Christ is ipso facto a “hypocrite” for not publically embracing dissolute behavior the way liberals do.

-Ann Coulter, How To Talk To A Liberal (If You Must), p. 154-155.

The Confusian curse “May you live in interesting times” was dead on the money.  We live in a nation that currently still so swaddled in the smug satisfaction of electing the ‘First African-American President’ that too many are gleefully turning a blind eye to the destructive CHANGE! that he and Congress are bringing to us all, or the fulfillment of the HOPE! contained in the darkest hearts of those who despise the freedom wrought by the American Experience, and the power and responsibility that accompany that freedom.  Those, who in another day and age, would work hard to expose the wrongheadedness, the thuggery, and the disrespect for the rule of law promulgated by this administration are instead its eager sycophants, tossing softball questions, gushing over the ‘style’ of the First Lady, happily failing to question administration policies like unprecedented spending on dubious pursuits, and studiously ignoring real stories, like the corruption and fraud by the community organizing group, ACORN, which faces charges in 14 states for voter registration fraud, and was rewarded by Congress with BILLIONS of our tax dollars, including those which have not yet been collected.

Under the wise and adept guidance of the Fist-Bumper-In-Chief, we have given BILLIONS to struggling auto companies Chrysler and GM, only to have them slide into bankruptcy anyway.  Still not yet content to let the process tend to itself, the unelected ‘car czar’ and other administration officials are still tampering with proven legal process and and centuries of law by “proposing” (if that’s what telling secured creditors that they will take your deal or face the wrath of the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Internal Revenue Service is) deals that fly in the face of both law and reason.  Whether it is their purpose or not, by bypassing the rule of law and imposing terms that creditors cannot in good conscience accept without violation of their fiduciary duties removes one of the key components of a successful economy: Predictability.  Without knowing what the rules are, people with money to lend and invest will do neither, which will then precipitate…more government involvement.

In the meantime, the Community Organizer in the Oval Office has announced a plan to crack down on businesses and individuals who keep profits offshore and out of the hands of our kleptocratic government.  In doing so, the Man in the Suit from Chicago did his best to portray legal and lawful tax avoidance as tax evasion, using the his bully pulpit to create the perception that legal activity was anything but.   He was able to do so secure in the knowledge that the empty-headed and gutless press puppets he stood in front of would do nothing to call him on it, let alone question the exquisite irony of making such an announcement with a brazen tax cheat at his side.  And the 800 new revenue agents that go along with it?  The perfect weapon of intimidation to use in his ongoing shakedown of the producers of the economy.

And anyone who isn’t in the service of the left who bothers to stand up and question this group of thieves, bullies, hypocrites and liars?  As we are told by Professor Klavan, they are told to “Shut Up.” 

Don’t agree with being force to sanction gay marriage by wordlessly acquiescing to the blatant redefinition of a specific legal definition that has remained static for centuries simply because a group in society wants to force you to accept them?   SHUT UP!  You’re a homophobe!

Don’t agree with an administration that has moved beyond its role of regulation of the markets to regulation of and participation in those markets?  SHUT UP!  You’re UnAmerican, because you don’t want this President’s policies to succeed.

Don’t believe that Congress should take not only your hard-earned money, but that of your children and grandchildren, in order to spend it in ways that amount to nothing more than a redistribution to those who did nothing to earn it?  SHUT UP!  Its patriotic to pay taxes!

Don’t believe that it makes sense in ANY universe for government to give a controlling share in an auto company driven to failure by the unholy trinity of government regulation, union myopia and greed, and poor management, to one of the architects of that destruction?  SHUT UP!  You’re against ‘the worker’.

Don’t believe that the government has any business muscling its way into ownership of major banks?  SHUT UP!  You want the economy to fail.

Don’t believe that our President has any business kowtowing and apologizing to foreign leaders and nations for our “mistakes” and “arrogance”?  SHUT UP!  You’re too arrogant to see that we need to apologize to the other countries of the world for being successful, for maintaining a legal system that is far from perfect, but light years ahead of what any other nation has achieved in terms of fairness.

If you look at all of what is going on with this administration, and the policies that make us less safe and secure with each passing day, that further jeopardize our economy and our standard of living, that erode our economic stability as we avoid, and dismantle the rule of law, and embrace the concept that man is answerable only to man, and entirely in control of his own destiny, without due reverence and respect to the divine providence that birthed this nation, and the submission to his standards and rules that helped it grow and prosper, and you feel the need to say so…out loud…repeatedly…day after day, then be prepared to be called a hypocrite, in just the fashion that Ms. Coulter so eloquently outlined above.   The left is so very strong on this point because we allow them to be.  Christians of all stripes, at least those who have truly taken the time to immerse themselves fully in their faith understand that perfection is a goal, but it is also one that we will fall short of, if only because man is an imperfect being.  Knowing this, accepting the sacrifice that Christ made for us, and submitting to his divine authority allows us to hold our heads up not because we are perfect, but because we are forgiven for our imperfections as we strive to live by the standards set forth.  Does this mean that certain transgressions will not make it imprudent or hypocritical to speak out on certain subjects?  Of course not, but letting those who possess, at best, the most superficial of understandings of christianity and what it requires of us to constantly shame us into silence with their various charges because we fall short of our own goals and standards is the height of silliness.  Darkness does not rebuke the light.  Anyone who studies American history should understand that the standards of judeo-christian law and civilization provide a component to the success of society that today’s morally lackadaisical laissez-faire attitude lacks:  accountability.  When there is a set of standards, such as those of the judeo-christian view, there is an understanding that we all answer to a higher power.   This translated into our very government.  “Consent of the governed” meant that government derived its legitimacy from the assent and appointment of a well-informed populace that stood ready to depose those who abused its trust and and threatened the interests of the body politic, either through deliberate act, or criminal inefficiency.  Now, it more closely resembles, hanging on to what can be coerced or purchased from a people kept fat, dumb, and happy by people who are supposed to be serving them.  The best part is that some of us can see that this is exactly what is going on today, but many are afraid to speak out, because unlike those who are looting our treasury, destroying our legal system, and throwing the gates open to those who would destroy us, we still believe in God, accountability, and its little brother, shame.  They know this, and demonstrate their lack of it by using it constantly to bludgeon those who oppose the “brave new world” that they would impose on us all.  Stand tall, my fellows.  We are not perfect, but we are forgiven, and we do believe in accountability and the truth.  If the press is no longer interested in speaking it, then it falls to us.  It is a slower process, but it is frightening for them when it gains strength and numbers.  That is the reason for the derisive coverage and commentary of the tax day tea parties.  Keep in the fight.  Expect better from those who would serve us in government.  And let them know that we expect better.  Bypass the uncurious media.  If they won’t be shamed by the abdication of their duties, then simply eat their lunch.  Show the ‘entertainment’ business what you think of their continually declining standards.  Americans do a fine job voting with their pocketbooks.  Just ask Hollywood, which has yet to make money from one of its numerous forays into the “Run America Down” category of films that it classifies as ‘anti-war’.  Keep your heads up and refuse to be defined by those who either do not understand who we are, or have rejected us and determined themselves to constantly pick away our identity and success as a culture.  If you let yourself be lead by those with no standards, or standards without foundation other than the whims of man, then you are on the path to ruin.

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