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I have had this picture trying to form in my mind for the last few months.  every now and then, there is a gap in the fog, and I get a glimpse of the overall picture, but I just can’t seem to get a good look at the whole thing.  These seconds of near-revelation seem to coincide with events that the Deciders seem to believe are news worthy.  One of these moments came when The Pretender™, Barry the Blessed choose to announce in a speech on foreign shores, that we are not a Christian Nation.  This, of course, is a half-truth, and the kind the left utters with eagerness and delight, because how it is perceived by those too busy or too lazy to consider it and parse the truth from the falsity, which is an inconvenient speed bump in the path of the left’s attempts to re-write history. 

This whiff of clarity came on again when the pink swastika brigades saw fit to get their manties, panties, and whatever other undergarments they were wearing in a twist when Miss California, when asked, expressed the opinion that marriage was only properly between one man and one woman.  To the left, a group so determined to dictate ‘tolerance’ to the rest of us that they will make an example of any people who do not share their views, this was an unpardonable sin, and one deserving of scorn, derision, ridicule, humiliation, and outrage.  Never mind that this opinion had been shared by a majority of voters in the very state she represented.  Never mind that it is the public position of the Fist-Bumper-In-Chief himself.  Later examination revealed that this opinion was the product of a Christian upbringing, making her a Christofacist and subject to attack by every weapon their arsenal had to bring to bear on her.  And thus far, she has borne those attacks with a humility and grace that has shamed me.  You see, I am tired of Christianity being under fire in this country.  I am tired of those who do not practice it, and do not possess more than the slightest superficial understanding of it seeing fit to define both it, and by extention me.  I am also tired of these same ‘enlightened’ individuals attacking the faith, and tenants of a belief that has been instrumental in our nation from since before we struggled to throw off the shackles of a government that chose to see us largely as a financial means to their ends…much like our own government in Washington D.C. does today.  This war is as much about what we do not see, or hear, as much as what does get through to us.  We cannot say a prayer in a public school, but California schools can force non-muslims students to study Islam.  You dare not have a nativity scene in the town square at Christmas, but we are told that we have to respect other cultures, so much so that a President of the United States has Ramadan celebrations in the White House.  We are preached at about man’s role in destroying the Earth, but we are somehow intolerant when we speak out against the wanton murder of unborn children by people who have tirelessly labored for three decades to ensure that this horrendous practice stays “safe, rare, and legal”.  Look at the numbers.  The practice is anything but “rare”, and its continued status as a legal institution in this country stains us all with a mark more deep and abiding than the practice of slavery, which, to hear the left tell it, only ended with last November’s election.  The cries of these victims still echo, and their blood still splashes on the ground.  The very same ground on which the blood of slaves was washed away in the torrent of the blood of the war dead between 1861 and 1865.  As a passionate man myself, I give the left their props for their passion, but I weep for their inability to accurately identify the immediate tragedy that lies before them.  This failing eyesight allows them to savage Catholics for their outrage over President Obama being invited to speak at Notre Dame’s commencement and receipt of an honorary degree.  But the President is stained more than most by this continuing travesty.  As an Illinois Senator, he was not satisfied with keeping abortion “Safe, rare, and legal”.  He went a step beyond to deny basic comfort care to those babies who survived their mother’s attempts to murder them.  While on the one hand, I can be happy that these innocent souls passed on to the everlasting embrace of God, the fact that a man who would deign to lead us would have them do so without even the comforting touch of another human being, instead seeking that they be abandoned to die alone, in trash bins and closets.  What does that say about that man?  Where did the “Choice” of these innocents enter into it at all?  What does it say for us as a nation that we would elect such a man with out seeking a serious accounting of him for it?  For being duly outraged by such effrontery, by reminding these people of what so many of them already know, we are branded bigots.  We are told that we are “intolerant”, and for this crime, they set out to malign and ruin all of those who would stand against their agenda, which seeks to over turn the rich history of this country by blatant attempts to rewrite history, and scour Christianity, and God from their place in it.

Today, I was reminded that these people really are in the minority, and that the history is there for all to see. My pastor returned from a trip to Washington D.C., and had some interesting perspectives to share. Among them, the fact that references to God are etched on nearly every landmark, monument, and building in that town. It is almost impossible to avoid any reminder of who God is and his role in our history. Apparently, everyone who lives there, or who works for the National Park Service wants us to be accutely aware of this also. Faced with such reminders daily, one can only conclude that the august persons who are representing us in that city are aware of God, and his authority over all men, and simply chose to deny that authority by denying his existence. Ponder this for a bit, but consider also this last election. Barrack Hussein Obama was a little known, extra-ordinarily young man to be seeking the office of President. But an ability to read speeches well, play the race card while accusing everyone else of doing so, and the vague and nearly meaningless promises of “HOPE!” and “CHANGE!” caused many to pin their hopes, desires, and adulation on a man, in a way not witnessed in this country since the allure of youth and beauty swept a young catholic war hero into the Oval Office. Some see this for the danger that it is. We are a nation of laws, not men, and yet this man has interjected his opinion into what are legal issues, and he has empowered his lackeys to make sure that his will be done. Indeed, if you were to press even the least spellbound of his supporters, they would be at a loss to explain to you exactly what it was they voted for when they cast that vote for “HOPE!” and “CHANGE!”

What about this “HOPE!”? Hope is defined thusly: To desire with expectation or with belief in the possibility or prospect of obtaining; to look forward to as a thing desirable, with the expectation of obtaining it; to cherish hopes of. So what was this hope for? Was it hope for change? Change was coming no matter who was elected. That was the whole point of an election. This “brilliant” man from Illinois offered something that we were already going to get anyway. Hardly seems to be a bargain there. Did we vote for “CHANGE!” that would fundamentally change the country by forcing it to be something that it never was? Maybe. He was honest about that. He told us repeatedly how he loved this country so much he could not wait to change it. The problem lies with us. Christians, in their heart of hearts, know this. As Christians, knowing that we are subject to a higher authority means that we do not focus our hope, or even HOPE! on man alone, and certainly one who failed such a huge test of character when it was brought upon him. In the denial of God by those who know better, they have deceived others who they were to lead. These others have been taught to hate Christianity for what it is, and for who we are. Some come by it casually. Others grow into it by a lifetime of frustration. A life spent seeking answers, perhaps even touched by others who could share the liberation of the Gospel with them, only to be disappointed in the failings of the messengers. This disappointment is often transmuted into the smug accusations of hypocrisy, often without the understanding that deep faith and understanding brings…the knowledge that while we have high aspirations and standards, there was only ever one who could meet them without failure. The result is that we have been browbeaten because of this faith by those not of it. It has hampered our ability to honestly full fill both both parts of the instruction “But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts, and always be ready to give a defense to everyone who asks you a reason for the hope that is within you, with meekness and fear;” 1 Peter 3:15, NKJV. We haven’t given a good defense in recent years. Yet those who would speak against us still seem to know the reason for that hope, and in whom it is placed, and they don’t like it very much. We do have our work cut out for us, and it requires wisdom and grace, and yes, a very righteous indignation at the proper times.

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