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Drudge is reporting that ABC will broadcast from the White House and allow Barry The Blessed™ to run an unchallenged infomercial for Obamacare™.  I wonder if Gibbs will be a standup guy and call Charlie Gibson in the morning?

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A question for the self-appointed cognoscenti who keep using their soapboxes to tell us how “stupid” Sarah Palin is:  Why do you keep telling us?  Out of all the “important” things you could be lying and dissembling about, why do you keep spending precious time on preaching to us about how dumb she is six months after the election?

Also:  Keith Olbermann foaming at the mouth about her stupidity?  That is an extra special moment.  Its so rare as an adult to watch the class dunce making fun of the kids who haven’t been held back.  Besides, its the only reason to watch the sad sack.   What are are your ratings now, Keef?  A point oh one share?

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