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Dear President Obama,

I believe that you are to be congratulated.  Your current occupation of the Oval Office represents the triumph of an ideological battle that never could have succeeded in the company of a well-educated and vigilant population, raised with the understanding of the founders’ ideals and the courage to live life, rather than the enslaving expectation that the necessities of life will be provided by a kleptocratic government, imposing an arbitrary and juvenile standard of ‘fairness’ on the minutiae of our daily lives.  How you, and friends like Bombing Billy Ayers must have laughed and laughed, at the knowledge that a nation that he and his friends worked so diligently to intellectually disarm were not only conned into electing a man 5 parts cypher and 2 parts unapologetic leftist, but that they did so eagerly, wrapped in the notion that they were voting for CHANGE! and the implecation that this CHANGE! was something good for America.  How amusing it must have been to have your wife stand in front of America and say that she has never been proud of this country until you decided to run for office.  What a grand joke you played painting with the brush of “Racism” and the hues of the boomers’ racial guilt.  They were half right.  Many of them never did anything to earn the good fortune that they enjoyed.  That was the gift that the previous generation foolishly gave to them.  I have no qualms with their guilt at having done so little to earn their good fortune, but I have every quarrel with what their guilt drove them to do, which was to spend all of their lives railing against the society that made their self-indulgent, petulant tantrums possible.  They were fertile ground for ‘educators’ who would eagerly incite them to fight against principals such as self-reliance, and constantly working to improve one’s self, rather than expecting a parent-like government to take care of everyone.  Decades of of this intellectual masturbation, under the learned and approving eyes of these ‘educators’ had the appropriate corrosive effect, as they patted the obedient heads of their pupils and reassuringly informed them that they were “doing something” and “making a difference” as they chisled away at something they did not understand but  bouyed by the unchellenged assertions taught as fact in the ivy-covered refuges of the culture warriors, believed was wrong.  These activities ate away at the family with the advent of welfare and the implementation of perverse incentives, and an unreasoning, ceaseless attack on a religion which just happened to be an integral part of the development of this country.  With fewer complete families to resist the the pernicious influence of the left, it became easier and easier to influence the succeeding generations to adopt ideals without a moral anchor or compass.

And now we have you.  A man of no accomplishment, who has no appreciation for this nation’s role in the world, who wants to grant every blessing and right of citizenship to people who have done nothing to earn them.  A man with so little regard for life that your one point of taking a stand was to fight so that the most innocent among us would not only be killed, but condemned to die alone.  The leader of the free world, who when faced with a defining moment that would help make a leader a legend, opted instead for the “safe” option by refusing to condemn tyrants and offer moral support for an oppressed people willing to die for democracy.  Instead, you invite these tyrants to American soil to observe the celebration of our standing like men and taking our liberty from an oppressor with both hands.  You make me ill.  You betray the best men who occupied the office you occupy now.  The very smallness of your soul tarnishes their deservedly proud memory.  You seek adulation rather than endeavor to serve and inspire this people.  You understand that all who went before you were men, and made mistakes, but you dishonor their beliefs and our collective heritage every time you step to the podium in a foreign land and dare apologize for those mistakes to people who could never hope to follow the same path that we have followed, or accomplish the achievements that have set us apart.  You believe that “American Exceptionalism” is an epithet.  A curse that invokes an image of an America that has somehow robbed other nations of their destinies; I believe that “American Exceptionalism” has improved not only our nation, but the world, and has been a source of inspiration for people everywhere who understand that our brand of liberty allows people to possess and control their own destinies like no other political climate in the world.

I never thought I could think so little of one who attained the position of “First Among Equals”, but the more I see you consolidate power that you were never meant to lawfully have, and time and again show contempt for the people of this nation and the ideals that built it, the more I am convinced that your legacy will be a spinning black void that will still be casting about for the aprobation and approval of the fawning masses long after your time on the main stage has faded into the darkened chapters of freedom’s history.    This void will preempt the casting of any shadow the like of any other President we have known.  Such will be the lot of any politician who professes such a love for this country that they believe they have to destroy the country to save it.  In the best of all possible worlds, you are reduced to an ignomius footnote in history; in the worst, your memory is vilified for the lasting damage you might inflict, as succeeding generations are surrounded by the constant reminder of you caused by their bleak surroundings.  I count the days until your departure.

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