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In this time when it seems that everyone is trying to hand us a crap sandwich, I have gained a new appreciation for the little surprises.  No, I’m not talking about putting on a jacket and finding $20 in the pocket.  Once the Obama economics kick in, I doubt that’s gonna by a small fry at McDonalds.  No, I’m talking about reconnecting with old classmates on Facebook and finding out that just like you, they had kids and figured out that conservatism now makes some sense, or that it isn’t a ‘fetus’, its a child.  Better yet is when the Supreme Court takes a bull by the horns and sends a ruling that puts the race-pimps on notice that the days of double-standards will not last, and at the same time, hands a racist judge another defeat, issued from the very bench that she aspires to divide us from.  Yeah, these surprises are treasured.  Its like a perfectly chilled beer on a brutally hot day, a four-day weekend at the beach, or having a mind bursting with ideas and blank paper and sharp pencils in front of you.  And we need those moments.

The House of Representatives did the inexcusable last Friday.  They passed a bill, chock full of taxes for everyone, and tax credits for ‘lower income persons’ funded directly by you and me.  When these wealth redistributions are written in to the same bill that the taxes are in, the government has dropped all pretense of avoiding such notions.  In such a rush to pass the bill, Nancy Pelosi, (D) San Franfreakistan, wouldn’t even let a copy of the 1000+ page bill incorporating the 300 pages of  amendments introduced at the 3 am on the day of the vote be compiled and placed on the floor of the House for the representatives to read during the debate.  This was only fitting, however, since the bill was not yet completed, and the floor copy contained ‘placeholders’, which were essentially blank chunks inserted into the text as substitutes for provisions that would be inserted later, after the representatives had voted to pass the bill.  Let that sink in for a moment.  They voted on something that they had not even read, and had not yet been written.  Could you or I get away with this? Personally or professionally?  Hell no!  Yet these people, who purport to represent us, voted to raise everyone’s taxes, to support a scientific theory that is not provable, and is in fact, a lucrative hoax for the Preisthood of Global Warming (see Gore, Al).  They didn’t even vote for a bill they didn’t read, they voted for a bill not yet written.  Such a starling abdication of responsibility has not gone unnoticed.  I invite Congress to explain, seriously explain, why this is not taxation without representation, an act once considered to be tyranny by people with greater intestinal fortitude than the American Idol watching, Nike wearing , Pepsi-swilling masses of today, who obsess more over the death of a singer, who in life was a one-man freakshow at best, and vile, child molesting pedophile at worst.  My own congressman, Dave Reichert, (R)(eprehensible) decided that he didn’t really like being a congressman, so he voted for it, with seven other RINOs, who apparently have an equally strong aversion to serving in congress.  John Boener got it right when he responded to questions from The Hill about why he read portions of the bill on the floor “Hey, people deserve to know what’s in this pile of shit.”  I myself struggled all weekend with even trying to find the words for this betrayal by Congress.  I still really haven’t done so, but I’m starting to think that I could support a wide scale tax revolt to starve these reprobates of their main form of entertainment, robbing the American taxpayer to support policies that will hobble any economic recovery or competitiveness.

And on the divine leadship front, Barry the Blessed™, fresh off his “I-won’t-say-anything-encouraging-to-the-young-people-rising-up-in-Iran- for- fear-of-meddling” stint, has suddenly decided that while watching and “bearing witness” while scores of people die at the blood-soaked hands of oppressive thugs, that he has to make a strong statement against the lawful decision of the the Honduran Supreme Court and Military to bloodlessly depose a second-term President who illegally moved to allow himself to run for a third term, which is not allowed under the Honduran Constitution.  The Supreme Court told him “No.” and he tried to do it again, the Court order the military, which is responsible for ballots, not to allow the ballots with the offending referendum to be distributed, and to remove the President from office.  This President, who in the old days would have found himself dead is currently cooling his heels in Costa Rica.  Barry is very agitated about this and has gone on the record as saying “Honduras coup was “illegal” and Zelaya remains the president.”  Now Barry, lawfully removing someone from office when that is the proscribed penalty for their crime is not a coup, it is a triumph of law in a land not generally known for following it.  I do understand why it makes you nervous, though.  Your extraconstitutional activities are not the kind that are readily permitted by a population that respects itself, and the rule of law.  I think you know that too many of us know you for the power-hungry pretender that you are, and that the weight of your ambitious agenda are about to bring the house of cards down.  You have done well in building on the traditional Democratic Balkanization points.  Playing the right race cards while paying lip service to being a ‘post-racial’ President?  Check.  Giving the unions every possible concession at the expense of individuals and businesses?  Check.  Telling the poor that its all the fault of the rich and greedy while promising them subsistence in exchange for their freedom and power? Check.  Taxing every choice in America in exchange for a utopia that you yourself won’t participate in?  Check.  Consistantly usurping more powers for the Federal beast while telling the peasants its for their own good?  Check.

Keep digging Congress and Barry. The deeper the hole, the harder it is to get out when we start to fill it back in.

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