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First, a note.

Mark Sanford, while I wrote a piece decrying how the Left likes to condemn conservative christian politicians when they fail to live up to the standards they profess, when the Left doesn’t have the courage to adhere to standards that faith would necessarily expect, it doesn’t mean that I approve of your actions.  I thought I made that clear, but just so there is no mistake:

Mark!  Stop talking to the press!  Really, the stuff you gushed about in your four-hour coffee clatch with the AP?  Not appropriate for public consumption.  Really.  If you still have the need to see your Argentinian mistress as your “soul mate”, then you should probably forgo the “spiritual adviser” and just spend some time alone talking with God about it, because you clearly refuse to see that your train is still off the tracks, even as you sit in the middle of the twisted wreckage, looking at your watch and cheerfully proclaiming that any delay in reaching your destination will be minor.   Such public statements are not the words of a wayward husband and father who is serious about repairing his marriage and family.  And the other salacious revelations? WHY? Can you not see that you are not only handing the media the blade to cut you with, but each revelation propells them deeper into their quest to use it on all religious conservatives, until we are all dying the death of a thousand cuts because you lack the shame to keep quiet, and the humility to actually attempt to regain your self-respect and the trust and affection of your family?  I realize that such a condemnation may seem out of place here, but if I had to judge the situation based on your statements and those of your wife, you clearly do not deserve her.  While one might say that no person deserves the grace that Christ has shown toward us (and be right), the difference is that once we fully understand that no matter how freely given the grace is, we are expected not to hold the gift cheap and go forth and sin more, this is exactly what you are doing to your wife.   Is this the example you want to set for your children?  In truth, it may not matter, as they are living with her, and she has already expressed that the two of you are not ‘together’ because she has more dignity than that, but nonetheless, they will see the pain your are causing her, because you appear to be more interested in serving your heart than serving God.  No child should have to grow up with that burden.  It is kind of scar that never fully heals.  You are also alienating yourself from one of the greatest gifts that God has to offer you as an adult:  the company of your children, and the responsibility of guiding them to adulthood.  You really should consider this before you step in front of an open microphone to talk about this sordid affair again. 

Yet the coverage that the media is so willing to grant this story, and the political fallout that is a necessary by-product is yet another example of how the modern press has abdicated its role in reporting news in favor of reporting the politically correct stories, and burying the ones that will lead to uncomfortable debates and discussions that might cause the unwashed masses to question the “greater good” as dictated by our betters, the unseen, yet all pervasive “Deciders”. 

You see, the “Deciders” are the ones who have determined that there are things that certain people cannot say, unless they are really, really bad people.  This is because they know if they ever had to engage in an open exchange of ideas to let the public decide which was a better philosophy to live by, then they would never win.  This brought then to a dilemma: How to control a debate so it is never an honest discussion where we really consider the ideas fleshed out by the words used?  The answer was simple.  Convince people that it was appropriate and right to be OUTRAGED! by certain concepts and words.  It succeeded beyond the “Deciders'” wildest dreams.  Today, the OUTRAGE! and the sense of entitlement that makes it possible virtually ensures that anyone who has been trained in the Left’s cartoonish concepts of “Fairness” and “Diversity”are all but assured to never set down their “OUTRAGE!” long enough to actually consider what is being said to them, at least in most venues.  This OUTRAGE! and entitlement have been two of the parent concepts of the modern day dogma of political correctness.  Political correctness is reason why certain people cannot say certain things.  It is the reason why so many today act as if there is a moral equivalence between things that are not equal.   It is why the Left can continue to call islamic terrorists “Freedom Fighters” when they kill our troops, and make excuses for them and their religion which certainly seems to require deception and murder of non-believers as part of a believer’s duty of faith.  It is the reason why militant gays and their supporters in the press feel free to demand gay marriage, and applaud when state courts ignore previous equality and marriage rulings that were decided based on objective and not subjective criteria.  It is why a media can toss nothing but softball questions and adoration at a black man of no accomplishment, questionable character, and a past filled with more questions than answers, no matter how genuinely outrageous the statement or lie that tumbles from his lips, largely based on his race,  and at the same time, heap scorn, contempt, and ridicule on the head of a female who was the other party’s VP candidate, and viciously attack her children, who didn’t run for office, while the annointed one’s children do not suffer similar media molestation,  then the Fourth Estate is broken, and its role as a vigilant guardian of the republic has been abandoned, as its ‘names’ sell their integrity and virtue at a ridiculously low price.  It has hopelessly devalued the two greatest currencies it had to trade, respect, and trust, and neither may ever be regained by the people controlling the medium now.  It is a dangerous predicament.  Now that everyone paying attention knows that traditional media is whore, their only hope of survival is to double-down, cuddle up closer to the dogma of the “Deciders”, and hope that they can control the debate long enough to allow the power-hungry in Congress and the Oval Office to take the means necessary to squelch, if not silence the critics who still dare to trade in what is, and not what the “Deciders” would decree.  Still, the power to avoid reporting a story on a national scale remains a formidable one, such as the latest Duke rape case.

We all know the first one.  A black stripper accuses the mostly white Duke lacrosse team of raping her.  Despite the fact that her story has holes that a 747 could be flown through by a drunken pilot, an ambitious D.A. pursues the case in the press, which is only too eager to declare the young men guilty.  Their names were ruined, and their academic careers destroyed before the case unravelled, and the D.A. was facing charges himself, and yet, this was all ok because the real victims were perceived to be privileged whites.  Now, a much more heinous case has emerged(here and here…go read them, really, you should know), one which really does have racial implications, and could also be perceived as dangerous to the newly-minted institution of gay adoption, but because the story could be damaging to the story the “Deciders” have dictated, namely that there should be no impediment to gays adopting children, regardless of race, this story is largely unreported in the old media.  It certainly isn’t as sexy to the reporters, who are probably afraid of the OUTRAGE! likely to come from the usual suspects.  I suspect that this is not unusual.   I imagine that there are number to true OUTRAGES! that never squint in the bright light of the old media scrutiny, and its willingness to co-opt itself in the area of political reporting means that the only ones who can hold government accountable now is us, and that is a tragedy of Homeric proportions.

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