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…and then back to “The Big Project”.

1.  Michael Jackson.

I had to leave work early today to assist a family member with something, so I got to listen to some of Hannity’s show.  He was busy commenting on the outpouring of grief for the ‘entertainer’ when people who actually do important things for society do not get a public expression of grief remotely close to the hours and days of coverage that Michael Jackson received.  I might have been able to muster a strong “AMEN BROTHER!” to his comments, but they rang a little hollow after the coverage last week, where it appeared to me that the only person on FOX in the evening who was bothering to talk about the news was Beck.  Aside from that, I can sum my feelings up thusly:

Michael Jackson was an entertainer.  He was not the second coming.  He was not a civil rights pioneer, and the only person who ever oppressed him was his father.  The nonsense and PDA for someone who was an entertainer, and in my opinion, not an entertaining one, is not appropriate, is not “touching” (a word I would try to avoid if I were truly a fan), and not even embarrassing.  Disgraceful is a better word.  Not even a year ago, this entertainer was considered to be washed up.  He was considered to be a freak for decades.  Nasty allegations and unsavory charges clung to this person like nettles on Labrador Retriever.  The only press he had received in a decade was unfavorable.  Now his legacy is whitewashed as “inspiring”.  He is a hero.  Phhhaaaaa!  If he is the posterchild for inspiration and heroism, then recall our troops.  Let them, and the everyday people who REALLY touch lives build a new home for a people worthy of their everyday sacrifices and dedication, because if Michael Jackson is the pinnacle of American Aspiration, then we aren’t worthy of what the everyday heroes this nation produces do for us.

2.  Sarah Palin.

Thank you. 

Thank you for sticking your finger in the eye of the elitetocracy that feels only they are fit to rule.  Thank you for exposing the fact that these would-be emperors have no clothes.

Thank you for enduring the lies, the slanders, the venom and the vitriol.  Thank you for showing that a woman doesn’t have to forego being a mother to have a career.  Thank you for demonstrating that a career woman can be smart, and chose to be conservative.

Thank you for showing so much class in the face of the ‘anonymous’ criticisms of the Grumpy Old Guy’s staff who are too silly to see that the ONLY reason he did as well as he did was because he was smart enough to put you on the ticket.  He and his handlers really don’t deserve that kind of grace and cool in exchange for their betrayals, but thank you.

Thank you for providing the Silent Majority of Americans, the ones who get up and go to work every day so this country keeps functioning, a voice on the national stage that wasn’t just mouthing the words, but had the real life experiences to back them up and make them legitimate.

Thank you, and I hope that if you choose to return to politics in the near future, we “out here” get the chance to support you.

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