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…and really, I think I find that the latter are far more offensive than the former, because when you tell someone a stupid lie, you can only assume that the person or persons telling you the stupid lie think that you are so dumb that you can’t and won’t know that they are telling you something that can be proven wrong with little to no effort.  A good example is the DNC’s idiotic claim that the angry people showing up to hold their traitorous elected officials to account for even considering passing the Obamunist HellCare plan and dooming us to the same depredations that have befallen the citizens of other countries that have opted for universal hellcare are actually nefarious operatives in the pay of the RNC.  Now this qualifies as a stupid lie on its face, but as Caleb at Redstate.com points out (thanks Chief), its is they who are soliciting paid operatives to get behind Obama Generational Theft and Euthanasia Act of 2009.

I just can’t wait for the spin on this.

And of course, Honorable Gentleman like this one, who decide that its better to insult a consitituent than it is to answer questions from them about HellCare.  At least he didn’t have an SEIU or ACORN thug there to assault the doctor for the unpardonable crime of asking about HellCare.

(H/T to Hoosierboy.)

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