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Breitbart reports that Barrack Obama has asked the networks to stop airing the protestors at the town hall meetings.

What’s a wanna-be tyrant to do?  It must be frustrating.  Despite an ongoing drumbeat, attempting to cast the protestors as professional agitators in the pay of the RNC rings hollow in the face of members of the SEIU and ACORN being bussed into the Town Hall meetings to create a ‘freindly audience’ and shout down opponents, and surely, even some of the sheeple that make up the fiddy-tooers have to be waking up and asking what the ruckus is about.  Despite his best efforts and bald-faced lies, despite the lefties doing their best to condemn the evilllll Christians for failing to support the hell care reform act when “Jesus would have surely thrown his support behind a prohibitively costly government entitlement which would have give the government unpresidented control over the lives of all Americans”, despite the assertion from Pelosi and Reid that those who oppose the power grab are “UnAmerican“, when just last year, the left preached that “Dissent was patriotic“, Team Obama is not controlling the message any longer, and knowing that the power that is so close they can taste it is at stake, they have decided that if it isn’t reported, it didn’t happen, and they can take what we will not give.  They are running scared, nowits time to show them a full-court press.

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