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…I’m not the only one considering the idea that “HealthCare Reform” as it is being contemplated is Unconstitutional.

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So the various arguments on healthcare have been swirling in my head like some evil stew, and I got thinking:

The left constantly wants to talk about how most Medicare and Medicaid recipients are “happy” with their coverage, and this is a reason why we should be embracing the single-payer system (never addressing the fact that most Medicare recipients don’t have a choice…even the folks who had good union retirement benefits had to move to Medicare when they were of age, and if I had no money, and I got free healthcare through Medicaid, paid for by other people, I’d be all excited about it too).

Then another argument that they toss out is that the eeeeeeeevvvvvviiillll insurance companies have to continue raising their rates, not only because of their need to turn a profit, but because, in truth, they are being made to subsidize the healthcare given to people who can’t pay, and make up the gap between what government will pay for a procedure under Medicare and Medicaid, and what the rest of us are charged.  Now as I consider that, the argument really is that private insurers pay more annually to subsidize the cost of care “given” to government care patients.  The private sector is being used to subsidize the fed’s shell game. 

Here’s an idea:  How about we stop doing it?  The rate that doctor’s charge is the rate.  The government pays the same as my insurance company, and when the budget shortfall cannot be concealed, then we can have an honest discussion about the cost of a single-payer system?

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