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Another quote for the “I wish I’d said that” file:

“We have no more “Wise Men” in Washington and New York, but rather graying children of the Sixties, aging badly.”

From the ever read-worthy VDH.

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Breaking News:  Congressman is an idiot of unimaginable proportions!   [OK, so it’s not really news, but you’d think that they’d quit beclowning themselves.  I’m starting to feel embarrassed for them.]

“He did not help the cause of uh, of uh, diversity, uh, and tolerance with his remarks.”

   Uh, you’re an attorney, and you were uh, a judge.  Aside from your uh, atrocious uh, delivery, and reliance on the uh, silly premise, uh, that “diversity” [i.e. its all good unless its white] is or should be a cause of members of the House of Representatives, and the uh, sillier notion that uh, people elected to be part of that uh, august body and uh, represent us uh, somehow do us a service if they uh, just sit there when the uh, President stands before him insulting and uh, berating those who do not see it the way he uh, does, and then remain uh, silent when that same community organizer looks right into the uh, camera and brazenly uh, repeat the lies that the teleprompter scrolls for him, then you uh, dishonor the district and the constituents that uh, you represent. 

   What’s that?  Your predecessor was who???  Never mind.  It must be something in the water there.

“If I were a betting man, I would say that it instigated uh, more racist uh, sentiment feeling that its ok, you don’t have to bury it now, you can bring it out, talk about it fully, and so uh, I guess, we’ll probably have uh, folks uh, puttin’ on white hoods and white uniforms again, and uh, riding through the countryside intimidating people, and uh, you know, that’s the uh, logical conclusion, if uh, this kind of uh, attitude is not rebuked, and that uh, Congressman Wilson represents it, he’s the face of it, and uh, that’s why I support the resolution.”

   Projection, thy name is Congressman Hank Johnson.  Calling the President a liar when he is uh, you know, uh, lying, is many things.  A breach of decorum, possibly a breach of protocol, impolite, rude, impertinent [and judging from the stink-eye Dear Leader cast in his direction, this is possibly the best one], and of course, inconveniently true.  Interrupting the flawless delivery of a plate of lies is many things, but it is notracist.  Presenting it as somehow giving rise to the KKK rising again to wage a campaign of terror is inflammatory rhetoric and dishonors the memories of those who really suffered as a result of that group’s embodiment of racism.  You have squandered the moral gravitas of the image you would so callously pay lip service to, and in the process, you besmirch the recordof a man with a lifetime of service by painting him with the hues of a charge that there simply is no proof of. 

   Your inability to understand this situation could not be more stunning, Congressman Johnson.  The issue is not whether Congressman Wilson was wrong to do what he did, and it isn’t about whether calling a black man who happens to be President a liar makes him a racist.  The question is “Why didn’t more of you speak up?  Why didn’t more of you act in your constituents’ interest and in the interest of this country and DEMAND that the President tell the truth, rather than serve you a passel of pretty lies wrapped up in the sugar coating of a sonorous delivery and brightly colored “Let me be clear”s? ”  And now you act to shame one of your own who dared to speak up.  You pile on with an admonition that has the virtue of being easy, rather than displaying the character enough to fight for the truth and those who do have the courage to defend it.  Such a stunning lack of character is shameful.  I wouldn’t want you on the bench in traffic court, let alone some place where your judgment and input mattered.  congratulations.  You have contributed to the draining of meaning from the cry of racism.  Your actions, and the actions of others have done so much to contribute to the hyperbole that passes for serious debate in the Congress today.

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