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Even for Teh Won’s administration, this week took a step up in surrealism that I find difficult to properly grasp.

The Most Ethical Congress EVAR! led by the world’s leading poster child for prevention of serial botox overdosing saw fit to pass its version of hate crimes legislation, which deliberately covers the pink swastika brigades.  It will be a signficant leap forward in their continuing assault on Christianity, and their resistance to the judgment against their lifestyle that in necessarily dictates.  This will, of course, lead to a consitutional showdown between an established freedom of religion vs. a newly created right to be whatever you want, completely free of the restraints of objective reason and logic that marked other Supreme Court ‘Right to Marry’ cases.  It might be interesting, if it weren’t for the fact that there are already too many sitting Justices on the Court who are not only willing, but seem to think it is their duty to look beyond the Constitution to not only interpret the law, but to make it up out of whole cloth. Now, I simply look at another case where there are at least four people who refuse to confine themselves to their actual duties, and as a result, we are always one vote away from EPIC FAIL! in important rulings such as the one this law will bring about if it passes both houses and goes to the desk of the Great Prevaricator for signature.

Meanwhile, Health Insurance Takeover Reform still continues to take shape, with many Democrats now speaking openly about actually owning the crap sandwich on their own, without ‘bipartisan support’, and actually providing a public option, which as any fool who has paid any attention to the goings on at all knows was the goal all along; bring socialist healthcare to the masses and watch the twin totems of Liberty and Freedom start to wither and sag under the crushing weight of a prohibitively expensive mediocrity, calculated to keep the peasants quarrelling among themselves for increasingly scarce resources rather than keeping their newly empowered ‘ruling class’ accountable.  And nary a serious query from any conservative member of Congress about the Constitutionality of this grandiose vision.

Another quarter heard from brought us John Boener claiming that the Dems had made significant amendments for portions of bills already voted on.  If true, it is a completely unacceptable state of affairs, at least for a people who wish to remain free.  Yet the silence from the old media, the former guardians of the republic, is so loud that it threatens to break all the windows.

And then, Friday morning, when I was already running late, I got in the car and heard Glenn Beck and Co. goofing on one skit after another, awarding him prize after prize.  Then he cut to Captain Awesome (thank you for that one, Rosetta the Daddy) giving a speech about his surprise at winning the Nobel Peace Prize.  I thought it was a brilliant edit job….until I changed the station at the commercial and learned that it was true:  The Naked Emperor had actually won the Nobel Peace Prize…11 days into his Presidency.

In this world, where people actively are choosing evil over good, feelings over logic, and double-standards over reason, too many see nothing wrong with this state of affairs.  They shrug their shoulders as if to say “So what?  Everything is great!”  My boss came in Friday morning, and said a woman came into the doctor’s office that morning, bubbling with excitement about this latest development.  She was practically beside herself at the thought that a man of no accomplishment won the prize, and no question could draw an explanation out of her.

And now this morning, I read that some of my fellow Hostages, Detainees, and Captives are being dropped as friends, or are dropping friends on Facebook because they have retained their faculties and refuse to worship at the altar of Barry the Blessed™.  I don’t like where this is starting to go, but the apparent inevitability of it is truly frightening.  With knowledge comes sorrow.  I’m starting to wish I could drink the Kool-Aid.  It would be much more fun to join the herd and believe that this was in everyone’s future:

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 …but there are some people that it matters to more than others.

I know. The world seems to suck right now. Like “We’ve passed the event horizon of a black hole and are being pulled like taffy into microscopic threads” sucks. The Fist-Bumper-In-Chief and the Most Ethical Congress EVAH! seem Hellbent on destroying the economy, imposing a regime of environmental indulgences that will benefit everyone but the average citizen, and passing a health insurance takeover that will be just peachy…except for the reduced choices that it will lead to, along with rationing, poorer quality of care, government control of our private medical information, access to our bank accounts, and the basic unconstitutionally of what they propose, but aside from that, its all good. Well, except for the eurotrash and old media who just can’t seem to quit the President. So many accolades for so little in the way of accomplishments. Anyway, between this barrage, the ever-cycling “work stuff”, and some recent events for me personally, finding the time to try to deal with everything has been a little rough. But today I spent the day with heir number one, going to see the Certified Lego Professional in Tacoma, going to Johnny’s Fish Market and getting some fresh alder smoked king salmon, having lunch with him at Jimmy Mac’s, checking out the local sporting goods store, which had a mighty sweet Kimber I fell in love with, going to the comic shop, checking out a big fire engine, going to the family bookstore, and then checking out the legos at Target, before picking a little set for him to put together. An entire day, and no discussion of politics. No discussion about work. Just me and the boy, checking out some cool stuff, having a carnivore’s lunch, getting some neat old comics, mulling over future career possibilities, and getting some legos. I learn what is important to him, and maybe, just maybe, I get to shape the man he will one day become, and just have a carefree day in the meantime. It was good.


Ethan in the Firetruck

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