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Our society took yet another hard knock to the chin this week, although the way that the old media is choosing to report on it, you may not even realize it. I suppose that it could be chalked up to the ‘corsening of our national dialogue’, but seeing as how that phrase frequently tumbles from the lips of the Leftists as they are busy practicing the very same intolerance and hate that they so eagerly accuse others of, I’ll simply call it an unfortunate side effect of our declining morals in this country, an inevitable byproduct of the constant assault on Christianity and the decades-long struggle to push it from its place at the center of our national character by the cynical seeking power, and the perverse who wish to feel better about themselves and are willing to erase any and all notions of a higher authority over the actions of man.

Unless you have been living under a rock, you probably know that conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh was invited, then uninvited this week to participate in a bid to buy the St. Louis Rams football team, and that this bid was derailed not by unsavory information about Limbaugh, but by unsubstantiated accusations by the usual suspects on the left about “racist” comments he supposedly made.   The old media, never ones to refuse participation in good old fashioned character assassination, predictably acted like sharks to chum, and dutifully reported racist remarks that Limbaugh never made, and when called on it, simply shrugged their shoulders and acted as if it was still okay, “because he had said things in the past that were both hateful and racist”.  And that was that.  It was okay to smear the character of a man who’s only crime is saying things that the self-appointed cognoscenti don’t like to hear.  Because that crime is so heinous in the conform-and-think-only-approved-thoughts circles that currently control our culture, it was perfectly acceptable to serve the media created perception that a man is racist and hateful and summarily declare him guilty in the court of public opinion, truth be damned, and when you get caught not doing your job and actually sourcing what you report, you get a pass because you simply know that the victim is the kind of man you declared him to be, even if you cannot prove it.

So what does this have to do with a moral decline?  Well, in the days back when things like the Ten Commandments were still discussed in public fora, like schools, people tended to take things such as “bearing false witness” more seriously.  I’m sure its one of the reasons we have such concepts as perjury, slander, and libel in our law.  And yet, in an age when the President can say he did not have sex with the woman who gave him a hummer in the Oval Office, under oath, and argue about the meaning of “is”, while at the same time, a moral system that teaches that lying is wrong is under attack as “small minded and bigoted”, then it isn’t so hard to see that the concepts that replaced that system in the public lexicon, such as moral relativism and situtational ethics, have contributed significantly to a brave new world where it is ok to malign a man’s character, and bar him from realizing a dream, even if your own lives are messed up and have exhibited the kinds of severe flaws that you decry another for, because unlike the heretic who doesn’t share your vile brand of political opportunism, your sins have been washed clean by your adherence to the belief that all people are equal…unless they don’t believe the same things you do, in which case they are less than a person, and subject to characterizations that would make latter-day propagandists blush.

Of course, there is a downside to this that I haven’t heard too many people talking about yet.  In a country that was once unique for the concept that a person is presumed innocent until proven guilty, we now have people being targeted with falsehoods being attributed to them, because they do not adhere to the ‘approved beliefs’.  Let that sink in for a minute.  Not only are we seeing the ostracization of an entire class of people for their beliefs, the accusers are so afraid of the power, of the inherent truths in those beliefs, that it simply won’t do to debate those beliefs in a stand up fight.  Now we must be destroyed for our beliefs, and there is no easier way to accomplish this without the handicap of going into a battle of wits unarmed than for the poorly equipped to prevent the fight with vile and specious claims presented as fact.  The  accuser need not trouble themselves with proof.  An outrageous accusation of guilt of one of the new ‘thought crimes’ is more than enough to cause the intended damage.  It is up to the maligned to prove that they aren’t guilty of the offense, and if they can’t, then the accusation remains, to taint their character, and cause them grief throughout the rest of their lives. And the old media is only too happy to pile on.  It’s easy, and when they no longer interest themselves in doing their jobs, then the target is attacked on multiple fronts.

While the old media was busy painting Rush Limbaugh into a white hood and robes, in front of a flaming cross, the people who could have benefitted from his imput, his insight, and of course, his money, were cowed into foregoing their freedom of association in favor of distancing themselves out of fear that the unfounded and unproven accusations against him might taint them.  They empowered, and continue to empower the wrongdoers here.  Yes, I said wrongdoers. Yes, I know that is a moral judgment, and yes, I make it with the full knowledge and confession that I myself am far from perfect.  However, unlike the Wrong Reverend Jackson, I never fathered an illegitmate child, and I have never referred to anyone as a “Hymie“.  I have screwed many things up in my life, and have come to conservatism through a slow political evolution, but unlike the Wrong Reverend Sharptongue, I did not build a career as a race hustler on a fraud dependent on falsely accusing white men of raping a black woman.

So where does this bring us?  A very scary place.  The left is obsessed with race.  It infuses everything they do, and everyone they look at.  In their world, merit no longer has a place.  If they turn their finely tuned perception upon a profession, or career, and they don’t see a rainbow of faces staring back at them, then they are obviously witnessing racism, and their newfound objective of a ‘compelling interest in diversity’ means that they must fill that profession with faces like their own.  Qualifications be damned.  Interest be damned.  Merit be damned.  And in the absence of real moral authority in today’s society, these bigoted race hustlers consider themselves to be the moral authority.  That authority is bound only to one objective:  the advancement of their own race, not for the sake of improvement, but to feed a sense of entitlement that they have falsely spent decades feeding to their own constituencies while at the same time making these same people total dependent upon them, and whatever entitlements they could provide.  Such a cynical pursuit of power, gained largely by ethically and morally handicapping the very people that they purport to help has been not only corrosive to those constituencies, but to society as a whole.

None of this would have been possible without a concerted decision of the old media to enable and assist these cynical pursuits.  By passionate portrayal of these self-interested and opportunistic crusaders, rather than deep scrutiny of the effects and goals of the social justice that they continue to pay lip service to, they have accorded these charlatans more gravitas than they could have ever earned on their own.  But in order to permanently elevate these scoundrels, it was also necessary to attack the old order, to create a sense of guilt where none was necessary, and to repeat the lies about “white priviledge” and “the sins of America” while studiously avoiding any mention of the voluntary steps made by this nation to address such issues.  The result was inevitable:  a world where the ends justify their means, and anything goes. Lies and innuendo are perfectly okay.  Destruction of your opponent’s character is okay.  Accusations without ever presenting proof are okay.  This is the world we now live in, and if you think its ugly now, you ain’t seen nothing yet.



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