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Old Lap Dog, Meet New Lap Dog...

Old Lap Dog, Meet New Lap Dog...


Two things caught my attention here as significant…

1.  The bubble-headed bleach blond who says “The White House did just e-mail saying that interaction with Jake Tapper was not heated…”

2.  And the idea that the White House will email MessNBC talking heads during the broadcast, but won’t dial that number to the phone in Glenn Beck’s TV studio to address his many “falsehoods” and “distortions”.

It is shocking that the MessNBC commentators will allow themselves to purposely be used as the mouthpiece for the O Crew and still consider themselves to be a “news organization”, rather than a television station that pushes a certain viewpoint, and even more shocking that Obama, a narcisist’s narcisist will not take advantage of the opportunity Mr. Beck has so graciously given to him and his administration. 

My conclusion:  Yes, Virginia, there really are bolsheviks in the West Wing bathrooms, and they are most likely wiping up the aftereffects of their frenzied excitement at having to opportunity to bring their revolution to our country through the tyranny of regulation, because the marketplace of ideas has left them without currency every single time.

I don’t question their patriotism.  They don’t have any.  And the minute that the great (in his own mind) Constitutional Scholar makes serious moves against the constraints on government’s ability to “give” us “social and economic justice” that the Founding Fathers built into the Constitution, it will be time to introduce the Fist-Bumper-In-Chief, his Inner Circle, and the various assorted hangers-on and lou-czars to the dustbin of history.

The way things are going, I’m starting to believe that “Never Again” will have special meaning to our posterity, as well.

H/T to Eddie Von Bear and Jammie Wearing Fool.

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