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…Representative Alan Grayson(D), of Florida’s 8th Congressional District.

Thanks for that well-reasoned and utterly logical appraisal, Alan.

Now why don’t you put on a blindfold and go play in traffic?

The Republicans and FOX News [Wait!  I thought that Dear Leader and the O Crew had declared that FOX isn’t a news organization?  Uh oh.  I guess someone isn’t getting invited to the next state dinner at the White House.] are not enemies of America, considering that both stand firm against the administration’s UnConstitutional health insurance takeover proposal.  Enemies of this country don’t support the Constitution and the “essential constraints” that the Founding Fathers built in to prevent the government from going all nanny on us and bringing us the CHANGE! of “economic and social justice” that you numbskulls seem determined to force down our throats.

The Republicans and FOX News are not the enemies of health care.  They are opposed to a massive government expansion that can only be brought about through prohibitive costs maintained by a confiscatory tax scheme, and that by its very nature will restrict individual liberties, and restrict freedom of choice in ways that the government simply has no authority to assert.

The Republicans and FOX News are not the enemies of education.  They simply realize that despite the fact that the federal government has over time usurped power over the field of education that rightly belongs to the states and their subject governments, there is no Constitutional authority for the federal government to continually interfere in education and foist a politically correct agenda onto the American Peoples’ children, nor is there any legal justification to supplant the parents’ rightful opinions for their own.

The Republicans and FOX News are not the enemies of peace, and unlike many Democrats who foolishly believe that dialogue and appeasement are successful cornerstones of foreign policy with brutal and determined regimes who seek to obliterate other nations and cultures, they recognize that the only peace that will ever be extended from the hands of such wretched hives of scum and villany will be the peace of the grave.  Looking this stark reality squarely in the eyes has allowed them a clarity and grim resolve to make the tough decisions to engage such threats directly before they become emboldened by indecision and an unwillingness to make hard choices in order to preserve the safety of our people and our allies.  That means accepting and exercising the moral authority to put the men and women of our armed forces in harm’s way, with the sure and terrible knowledge that some will be killed, or forever maimed in body or in spirit.  But in the age of an all volunteer military, it is also done with the knowledge that the men and women who are under orders have put themselves there willingly, and with the full knowledge of the potential outcomes. 

These brave people do this not because they have no other options, as Senator and noted idiot John F. Kerry has so condescendingly asserted.  They do this because they love their country and are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice in order to help preserve it.  Republicans and FOX News, unlike the Democrats and their enablers and fellow travellers in the old media, can truly appreciate the depth of this committment and sacrifice, consequently, fight wars with the intent of winning them, so as not to sacrifice such courage and dedication in vain.  They do this without specious and whining claims about “messes left by their predecessors”, or taking weeks to make a decision so as to be in line with however the alpha sheep have caused the winds to blow that particular week.  In short, they believe in leadership, not self-aggrandizing speechifying into every open microphone about their troubles.

Alan, put simply, you are a detestable human being and a small man.  I don’t mean short, I mean that the man that you have become will never cast a long shadow, the likes of which have been the historical hallmarks of those who have walked the halls of Washington D.C., and upheld the values set forth in the Constitution, rather than constantly whipping up hatred and envy into a potent and unjustified sense of entitlement among those that your party has made dependent on government over the decades.  Enjoy your fifteen minutes Alan, because as times get tougher due to the fiscally irresponsible programs like the ones you so vigorously support, people will come to recognize that you are like a toddler finger painting with his own feces, and they will pass you by in search of serious leaders instead of self-serving partisan hacks.


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