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Dave Boze called my attention to this article on NRO’s The Corner.   And I got thinking that it seems to be the case for a few different examples of the genre.

Slasher flicks:  break society’s rules, and you die a horrible death.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers.  This is where I’m torn.  Kevin McCarthy’s performance in the original was a masterful performance in the Cold War allegory, but Donald Sutherland’s performance in the 1978 remake was chilling, as it made you fear creeping conformity.

But it seems to me that the best example is the modern-day zombie movie,  such as the recent remake of Dawn of the Dead.  People forced to take responsibility for themselves and work together reluctantly, as they arm themselves and shoot what used to be friends and neighbors who now will tear them apart in a murderous rage to obtain something they lack.  Head shots seem to work surprisingly well against these beings who are no longer using them for anything else.

How about you?  Any ideas?



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