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Spelling errors.  They’re never fun, but sometimes, you just don’t want to get the damn dictionary out when you’re typing a comment.  Most people understand this, and either refrain from commenting, or keep it discrete.

Then there are The Others™.  You know the ones.  The ones who lead such drab and unfortunate lives that they have to act like the world is ending and it is all your fault because you misspelled a word.  Or you have committed an offense against the gods of literature and are personally responsible for the deaths of Saints Merriam Webster and American Heritage.

I am guilty of such sins, apparently.  All because I didn’t get the memo.


We have western civilization poised to commit suicide on the twin blades of Political Correctness and Global Warming/Climate Change Hysteria, a nation drunk on the entitlements of economic and political slavery, and yet for some people, it is all about them.

Self Important Spelling Nazis

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