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For a minute there, I thought all of those Federal employees might leave their jobs and seek employment in the private sector with less job security, redundancy, and pay.  I guess we dodged a bullet there!  And when you consider all the debt that Congress burdened our families with this year, I’m sure that this was just a drop in the bucket.  We peasants should be grateful that Congress is looking out for us all like this.

Federal employees will get a 2.0 percent raise in January, under a deal struck Tuesday night by House and Senate appropriators. Under the deal, feds will get an average increase in base pay of 1.5 percent and a locality pay raise that averages 0.5 percent.

But wait!  There will be more!!!

“While I believe that this year’s [pay] adjustment is reasonable in light of an economic downturn where millions of Americans have lost their jobs, I am disappointed that parity was not achieved,” Hoyer said. “Like their military counterparts, civilian federal employees have made significant contributions to help our country respond to the challenges we face both domestically and abroad, and I believe their pay adjustments ought to reflect that. I have spoken to the administration about the importance of parity and have been assured it will be included in next year’s budget.”

But if Uncle made your corporation take bailout money, and hasn’t allowed you to pay it back, then you’ll take what we let you have, and you’ll like it, you greedy SOBs.

With friends like these…

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A recent exchange with an acquaintance on the left had me thinking that this was a great idea for a post.  And thanks to Algore and his wonderful invention, the internets, we can see it all, which would never happen if we had to rely on the MSM.

The best thing about the internets?  They are forever.  Which means that these will NEVER go away:

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