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So after a few days considering the attempt on Friday to blow up the Northwest flight over Detroit, it seems to me that the lowest common denominator for all the parties involved is the same: Stupidity.

We have a would-be terrorist, who if he wasn’t on a “no-fly list”, was at least someone that intelligence agencies considered a “person of interest” who was able to board a flight with a syringe filled with something.

We have an airport security system that apparently allowed him to do so.

And then his coup de grace was to try to detonate an aircraft over Detroit???

A MENSA candidate he ain’t.

Most Michigan residents, and former Michigan residents can tell you that flaming pieces of airliners falling on Detroit is not terrifying.  It is simply “urban renewal”.

I don’t know which is worse…the gang that couldn’t shoot straight, charged with our safety, or the Keystone Kriminals, who failed in target selection courses at terrorist school.

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