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What’s more fun than watching a propagandist who still can’t help being tethered to certain portions of reality duking it out with a tool of Rhode Island sized proportions who is completely unfettered by anything remotely resembling reality?  I’ll have to get back to you on that.

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With the finger-pointing, blame, conscientiousness, and general bad demeanor afoot in politics today, it is easy to forget that what it all boils down to is a simple question:  What is the role of government?

This is an easy question to ask, but sadly, the answer proves far more complicated for many people than it should be.

Conservatives know the answer.  The Constitution limits federal power to certain activities, and leaves the rest to the states, period.

Leftists, notsomuch.  Some are well-meaning dunces, always feeling other’s pain, but simply not cognizant of the fact that some people bring it on themselves, and rather than teaching a person to fish, they believe that it is not only necessary to cook every meal to order, but that we either deliver, or prepare a sumptuous place for these people to eat an extravagant meal in.  And cost is no object.

Some are more cynical.  They know it violates the principles the country was founded on, and exceeds their authority, but they continue to play the guilt angle and do everything they can to foster a sense of entitlement in the subjects of their kindness.  And they do it for power.  They cloak it in whatever they think will work.  They use concern for the unfortunate to foster more and bigger welfare, despite no net reduction in the percentage of the population living in poverty.  They use their concern for us to decide what we can and can’t do, and what we can and can’t eat, and the fact that they gain a little more control over our individual lives is simply “incidental”…except for the fact that they feel entitled to that intrusive power, and get very upset when it is suggested that they shouldn’t have it.  They want to “save the planet”, and nothing is a good reason to stop them.  Not bad science.  Not modern-day indulgences that benefit the high priests of the Modern Day Church of Gaia.  Not the economy that such measures would destroy.  Not the people who would die in their efforts to save the Earth.  The goal is all important.  A dubious result introduced as a foregone conclusion for the faithful, and limitless power for the elite perched at the top of the pecking order.

Across the nation, the debate rages between these factions.  Does government do too much already, or is it not enough?  The answer is simple.  Look to the Constitution.  If you can’t justify it by the Constitution, then government should not be doing it.  End of story.

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