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So I was in line at the supermarket this afternoon, and looked up at the tabloids to see a pic of the “Octomom” on a beach in a bikini, and the headline was shouting how I could learn the secret of getting her beach body.

Predictably, this pissed me off.  The first thought I had was “Single mom of Eight.  No Job.  And she’s on a beach in a bikini.  Where are the kids?  And who is paying for their care?”

For those of you suffering from that non-judgmental disease of liberalism who want to condemn me for being judgmental, I am a parent to two young children, and I know that a) you just don’t leave them alone, and b) while friends and family can help so you can work to support your family, it is neither fair nor proper to expect others to take care of your children for you.  And having the time to run away to a beach by myself, let alone worry about how buff I’ll on the beach?  Forgeddaboutit.

But then the other questions bubbled up to the top.  Questions like “Which is worse?  The fact that we ever give such crappy role models 15 minutes of fame, or the fact that once they get into the spotlight, they never seem to leave? Levi Johnson, you can take your call at the courtesy phone in the lobby.”

As long as we keep elevating such people, we shouldn’t be surprised at how screwed up our society is.

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