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So this week, we were treated to yet another week of the “Sarah Palin is dumb” meme, brought to you by the usual suspects, the clueless cadre of media elites and self-appointed cognoscenti, which was seized upon by the dutiful lower ranks of the liberal intelligentsia, who more often than not, take in their daily programming from such ideological organs as MSNBC.

For smart people, they sure do silly things.

Consider this: After McSame chose her for a running mate, the left declared war on her, and truly ran a campaign that was against her, all but ignoring the top of the Republican ticket. Only in a year when lemmings in thrall of making a “historic” choice, and white liberals captivated with the idea of finally absolving America of racial sins paid off more than a century before could a ticket led by a man with a paper-thin resume and a record showing dedication to nothing but the right to let murderers stained with the blood of innocents take their contemptible practices outside the womb, and a vice presidental candidate who’s major accomplishments included failed bids for the top job himself, reliable gaffes nearly every time he opens his mouth, and a career backing bad legislation and generous entitlement spending in Congress could succeed in calling a self-made governor stupid, and carry that platform to victory.

However, after a year of executive ennui and legislative excesses that would make the most hardened shopaholic blush with embarrassment, the opinionmakers still carry water for the party of “It didn’t work, so let’s do it again only bigger this time” and, inexplicably, this agenda requires them to continue campaigning against someone they already defeated.

If the idea is distract Americans from the incompetence of government and its solutions to America’s immediate problems, it isn’t succeeding, as polls clearly demonstrate that the average American is concerned about the economy and rates a need to have government take over health care at the bottom of their priorities.

If it is an attempt to dismiss and marginalize a threat in the next election, it is a dangerous strategy, especially when so many loyal party legislators are facing the prospect of electoral annihilation in the upcoming mid-term elections for their unwavering willingness to go along with a legislative agenda that Americans know runs contrary to the Constitution and that we cannot afford. To spend so much time to neutralize a threat that they keep telling us is dumb, stupid, etc. only calls attention to the fact that with a few notes on her hand, she can give a speech that the Chicago Messiah wouldn’t be capable of without the beneficent assistance of TOTUS and a beautifully polished and manicured script.

Perhaps the left’s shot callers would have more success if this wasn’t such a personal matter to them.

I recently had an exchange with one of the few left voices who will actually attempt to defend the left’s policies on the issue of Palin. He exhibits all the symptoms of a fatal case of Palin-itis, characterized with all the venom and “but-but-but”s that you see in the voices who are desperate to silence her. His latest issue is that she is not genuine, and that her family is simply a prop to be trotted out when convenient and ignored and left to their own devices between photo ops. His source for this meme is an Alaskan blogger who has been practicing the very same form of stalking that the legacy media has been practicing since she was chosen as McSame’s Number Two. This perceived insincerity for him is yet another bit of political and cultural damnation that is so significant that it justifies the uneven and biased scrutiny focused on Palin, rather than the more relevant and glaringly lacking turning of it to the Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight currently pretending to know better than we do in the Capitol and the Oval Office.

I think that the Sarah Palin’s real sin has nothing to do with her intellect, sincerity, or the purported lack of either. For the left, and the feminists who can’t stand her and have attacked her from jump, her real sin was not knowing her place. Politically powerful women had to be cut from their mold, present their image, and tell their story. Their ambitions were acceptable, even necessary to show the fulfillment of women and their ability to play the game with the big boys. Her ambitions are venial, and unacceptable because she hasn’t paid her dues the way that they have, and don’t reflect the goals of the interests that have carried them to were they are. And many Americans not only get that, but love her because of that. For them it isn’t a problem that she isn’t the typical Democratic female politician. They know that NOW and Planned Parenthood don’t represent their values, and are more concerned with the pursuit of power than the issues that affect them.

The hypocrisy of feminism and the left’s “progressive” agenda has openly come to the fore in their mistreatment and continued attacks of Sarah Palin, and have done far more to polarize the cultural climate in this country in the last year and half than anything said by a conservative politician or pundit, all the left’s cries of “code words” and thinly veiled [fill in the Democratic denunciation of the week here] aside.

The jig is up. I’d start making some plans for what you do after, (I’m looking at the assorted voices on the left) because I see the sun setting rapidly on the legitimacy of the expertocracy with which you planned to rule.

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