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So I was watching this vid at Nice Deb’s this morning, and it occurred to me:

Either the Republicans don’t get it either, or they keep allowing themselves to be trapped into saying something that is patently wrong with the belief that the difference in degrees from what the Dhimicrats are talking about somehow makes what they apparently propose to be acceptable. It is not.

Memo to the Republicans: If you are serious about upholding the Constitution and being against “Big Government”, then the correct answer when the Dhims deploy the “You had control for 8 years, and YOU DID NOTHING!!!111!!!” justification for their nefarious plans to take over health care is not to talk about how the American people don’t like the Dhims’ solution. The Dhims know that. That’s why they haven’t simply passed it and moved on.

The answer isn’t “We need to start over with a clean sheet of paper.”, and it isn’t even talking about how during the last eight years the Dhims made it about the war and torture, and idiotic claims of moral equivalence with a 4th century mindset bent on murder and submission, and foolish claims of torture, and war crimes, and thick-headed notions that there is some sort of legal process to be applied to a “clash of civilizations”, at such a volume that any attempt to seriously discuss health care insurance reform would have been impossible.

Discussing how the current proposals don’t actually reform insurance by any real reform, but instead by causing competition with endlessly deep pockets (those being the pockets of the taxpayers) and no incentive to operate a profitable, efficient delivery system, that actually fosters rather than punishes innovation isn’t even the correct answer.

Instead, the correct answer for every Republican faced with the OUTRAGE!!!!111!!! of leftist plant, member of the Fourth Estate, or Dhimicratic Lawmaker who employs the “YOU were in control for 8 years and did NOTHING!!!11!!!” meme is to look them in the eye, and say calmly, but firmly “You’re right. And do you know why? *pause, to make sure you have their attention* Because it isn’t for the FEDERAL government to address. The question that YOU should be asking yourself Mr. SEIU protester/Olbermann/Congressman Grayson is why you hate the Constitution, think you know better than the men who wrote it, or the wisdom of the voters and the legislators of your own home states? You keep trying to take power that doesn’t belong to you, and despite the Civil War’s net effect of shifting the balance of power between the Federal Government and the individual states, the states still are sovereign entities, and it is up to them to address this issue if the people of their states believe there is a compelling need to do so. Massachusetts showed the way on this, and yet you still persist in a nearly delusional belief that the Tenth Amendment no longer applies, and that we are empowered to forever expand special welfare for some and continue to call it “general welfare” for all. It’s time Congress confined itself to things within the grant of power specifically made to it in the Constitution.”

If the Republicans would do this, and demonstrate that there is a real and substantive difference in philosophies, that the choice is between a government that assumes that it is the smartest person in the room, and that it must do everything for you, and that what it will not or cannot do for you is something you simply cannot have, or the belief that your choices really are just that, and that you are willing to assume the responsibilities that come with real freedom, and that the only limit on what you can achieve and what you can have is YOU, then I think there are enough Americans and not New World Europeons here to ensure that the second choice will be the resounding choice of our nation for years to come.

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