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Since Congress does not apparently make any corolation between spending money it does not have, and the effect on “We, the Peasants”, I suggest this modest proposal:

Every time Congress votes to pass a bill requiring them to spend money they do not have, their own salaries drop Ten Thousand Dollars ($10,000) annually.  Nullifying their salaries does not stop the penalty.  In fact, if the “spend” more than they earn, then for each vote after zeroing out their salaries, a loved one (spouse first, then children, then parents, then sibs, then cousins) have to work for the government for free, cleaning toilets in public restrooms, then janitorial work, washing dishes in the Congressional cafeteria, and then what ever manual labor we can set them to.  Their immediate supervisors will be retired Marine DIs, who will be kept strictly sober, to make them extra irritable.

I suspect Congress’ spending problem will stop overnight, and the budget will be miraculously balanced.

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