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This morning, I saw a news story that made my blood run cold.

ATLANTA — One group is taking freedom of speech and freedom of expression to the limits in a series of Metro Atlanta highway billboards voicing strong opinions against President Barack Obama.

Had this been said to my face, the response would have been “Excuse Me?”

The very purpose of the First Amendment is for ordinary citizens to be able to express themselves freely, and it certainly has provided cover to all manner of leftist “dissent” when Republicans were in the Oval Office, and these dissenters where upheld as heroes and patriots by their enablers in the legacy media.  Having said that, we are now saddled with the most sensitive occupant of the Oval Office in my memory, who has used the trappings of the office and its connections to the legacy media’s bully pulpit to call out American citizens BY NAME for the unpardonable sin of speaking ill of the Chicago Messiah™trade; and his policies and their ruinious effects.  Calling opposition “divisive” doesn’t make it unworthy of the right of free speech.

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…about the nation as a whole and the constituents of these elected officials when this is somehow considered acceptable?

First up, MENSA candidate and former judge, Hank Johnson:

Johnson: “My fear is that the whole island will become so overly populated that it will tip over and capsize.”

You fear should be that your constituents will get tired of you making them look like idiots for electing you.

This is Congressman Johnson’s second appearance here at Taxes, Stupidity, and Death. He first caught my attention when he took his cue from Maureen Dowd and divined a racist intent from “You Lie!” as shouted by Congressman Joe Wilson in response to a lying President in the act of lying to him.

I think my…uhhh….I.Q….uhhh…dropped….uhhhh…a hundred points…uhhh… listening to that. While I am a believer in people stretching themselves and going beyond their given abilities, but I’m not convinced that Congress is the place to do that. I’m not worried about the breakables. I’m worried about them breaking the country.

I guess he thinks people are less offended by stupidity than they are by people who are not willing to passively accept liars lying to them. He’s wrong. I’m not pleased that some village in Georgia wasn’t content to be missing their idiot; they had to force him upon us.

That brings me to the other fifteen minute seekers.

Meet Congressman Phil Hare, a Democratic Socialist from Illinois.  Phil suffers from a common malady among Democrats these days.  Phil sees something that he perceives as an injustice, and believes that only government can solve the problem, and if a trifling thing like the Constitution gets in the way of his solution, well he doesn’t care about that.  And when caught in an apparent lie (I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt.  He might be an Evelyn Woods champion speed reader, but I doubt it.), he does what any Democrat Socialist does when they don’t have SEIU members handy to beat up a constituent who asks uncomfortable questions and keeps pressing.  [And Rutherford, before you say “But the Constituent called him a liar!”, tell me why that’s different than these elected officials calling constituents who disagree with them “Racists” and “Teabaggers”?  The real problem is that constituents are remembering that these officials work for them, no matter how hard Congress keeps trying to reverse the trend with unsustainable debt.]

Neither of these will ever be confused with likes of a Henry Clay or John Quincy Adams.

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