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I can recall a time when the ambition to be President meant that you aspired to be the leader of all Americans, not just the ones who voted for you in the last election.  If I hadn’t become immune to the unprecedented and historical divisiveness of “The Great Uniter”, I might be more than a little torqued by his call to action in this video.  What’s more, I might be upset by him clearly setting aside the time it took to make this video.  To be honest, I think he’s upset about setting aside the time. 


I mean, he could be working on his putt right now.  Or giving yet another campaign-style speech to a crowd of workers who are enthusiastic in their exuberance over being lied to in person, or bored and resentful that they are being lied to in person.  Or he could be apologizing again for America to foreigners who are owed no apology, or lecturing people who know better about economics, arms control, nuclear proliferation, or the effectiveness of yet more useless sanctions against rogue nation states with nuclear ambitions.  He could continue to redistribute wealth through his public slush funds, take over industry and media, or further advance an agenda of “social justice” which is hostile to the Constitution and private property.  Anything but working. 

How do I know?  Because he has that same annoyed look and tone that he has whenever something happens that requires him to actually act and look like a President, rather than a candidate.

I pray we never have to rely on this man if a real crisis comes to pass, because I have little doubt he will fold like a cheap suit.

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