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A year and a half in the big chair, and the ineptitude and inability to even address the things that can be done (EPA, you have a call from Governor Jindal) are the predecessor’s fault. 

Not only has this refusal to take the responsibility that he campaigned so damn hard to be entrusted with gotten so old, tired, and worn that even some in the legacy media can see the pathetic that lies beneath, but I truly think Obama and the Dems have not considered the precedent that they are setting.   Of course, when my boys are in their twenties and have severely reduced opportunities thanks to the reckless and idiotic spending that characterize this administration, and they wait a month to see a nurse practitioner who will give them a band-aid for their pneumonia because there are no more practicing doctors and someone in Washington decided that antibiotics were too expensive a treatment for such a malady, it really will be Obama’s fault.

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