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Moral equivalence between Islam and Christianity?  Not even close.  King Shamus of Baldilocks eviscerates this silly leftist meme.

Here’s just a taste…

What would it take to make Christianity the moral equivalent to Islam?

There would have to be groups of Christians that call for violent acts in the name of Jesus.  It could not just be the rare lone gunman-type with a Bible stuffed into his drawers and a raging desire to kill people for Christ wilding out.  You’d need to have densely populated structures incorporated for the purpose of fomenting Jesus-inspired terror.  These organizations would be populated by leaders that call for Christians to use terror to spread Christianity.  The power of Christ would compel the members of these religious groups to do violence to other humans.

And for Mayor Bloomie and the rest of the Useful Idiots, no, he isn’t done yet.  He doesn’t care how much it hurts.  Go read the hold thing.

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