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I give my fellow Hostage Rosetta the Impaler a bad time.  Sometimes, he even deserves it.  And then, in a fit of uncharacteristic sobriety, he manages to bang out something not only worth reading, but linking.  Today is one of those days.

From his new masterpiece, Open Letter to Moderate Muslims:

Assuming that you exist, we are to believe that you are the mainstream of the Muslim community as opposed to your extremist brothers that preach hatred from your houses of worship, kill women and homosexuals as sport, detonate bomb belts at weddings and fly planes into buildings.

This is an open letter appeal to you in regards to what has become known as the “9-11 Mosque”.

If your desire is to live in peace with America, a country that has already welcomed more than 2,000 Islamic houses of worship and over 200 in New York alone, you must find a different location for this planned Islamic center.

If your desire is for war with America, then you should proceed as planned.

Go.  Get over there and read the whole thing.  NOW.

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