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…it causes me worry.

NOOOOOO!!!! Hope and Change!!! Yes We Can!!!! Yes We Can!!!!11!!!

Its bad enough that for nearly 8 years, the most passionate on the American Left were reduced to one word declarations of their anger and frustration, leaving the rest of us cringing with the tortured cries of “CHENEY!” and “HALIBURTON!!!” constantly ringing in our ears like the buzzing of fluorescent lights casting an eerie green glow over the room.

Some of them were a bit more together, and attempted to express the juvenile and shallow shadows of thought trapped in their mushy skulls, like hamsters trapped on their own personal wheels. These comparative geniuses delighted in stringing their pointless and idiotic expressions together like “CHIMPYMCBUSHITLERHALIBURTON!!!!11!!!” Occaisionally, one would feel really profound and belch out a “NO BLOOD FOR OIL!!!11!!!” at the top of their lungs, before retreating to the high-fives of their equally submoronic compatriots, all apparently oblivious to the fact that they were paying more for gasoline than they were at the beginning of the second conflict in Iraq, with a steep rise occurring after the Democrats gained control of Congress in 2006 and crowned Queen Pelosi speaker.

When these same people got the opportunity to vote for a first-term Senator from Illinois who managed to have published two different biographies despite having accomplished nothing of import in his short life, but who happened to be black and managed to read a teleprompter with all the conviction of a modern-day Diogenes, they simply melted for this man whose only record was that of voting “present” unless he needed to protect the right to make sure that the children who survived their mothers’ attempts to kill them died alone, and without even basic comfort that he would surely offer to his Portuguese water dog. They were remarkably uncurious about his past. They couldn’t be bothered with the fact that his friends were questionable. They remained untroubled at his unfettered lack of loyalty to any associate whose politics and views could not be concealed or explained away. Every single body he tossed under the bus simply provided more traction for a campaign that occasionally slipped, and offered a view the real ideals swirling just beneath the smiling facade that constantly offered the vague promises of “HOPE!” and “CHANGE!”.

Reason no longer mattered, and the standards that any other candidate would be expected to meet with nary a question or protest simply didn’t apply. And 52% of the electorate, assisted by an uncertain percentage of voters like “Mickey Mouse”, registered by good public service organizations like ACORN, gave him his chance at the Big Chair. These true believers remain undeterred. They are still as eager as ever to repeat the lie, with all the conviction they deem necessary to sell it to the American people. Case in point? This lovely comedic piece from Cynthia Tucker, in which she asserts the amusing theory that Obama tried too hard to work with Republicans. Here’s the link, just so you know that I didn’t make that up.

Not one to lose the opportunity, Cynthia tossed the lie out in the opening paragraph:

Amplified by the right-wing message machine, Republicans paint President Obama as an unyielding left-winger, an unreconstructed liberal who refuses to compromise. The president’s critics have turned the truth inside out: One of Obama’s greatest political weaknesses has been his stubborn — and unrequited — love for bipartisanship.

No, Cynthia, no one had to paint him that way. He did a fine job all on his own. Who could forget this shining moment of bipartisanship, which came after Republicans had been shut out of the closed-door meetings where the Healthcare Takeover was being written, and then in an attempt to satisfy those pesky people who would just not forget that the President promised transparency in the process, called a meeting to which the Republicans were invited, but refused to go along with the script in which they were obviously expected to rubberstamp what the Dems had wrought, and nod in agreement to the lies coolly delivered by an accomplished liar.

Or maybe it was this moment of shining bipartisan spirit:

“…but don’t just stand there and say that “You’re not holding the mop right””…

Of course not. The Dems did it for much of the Bush Administration. Oh, the war is lost! The surge isn’t working! We can’t win! Declaration after declaration, but never the courage to actually act on such convictions. And when proved wrong, the most convenient cases of amnesia ever.

Or maybe she means this moment of bipartisanship:

What makes this especially funny is he’s including Patty Murray in this. I will be happy to vote for her opponent, Dino Rossi, in November so she isn’t there in DC helping this “Savior of the Economy” continue to spend trillions more than the government takes in so the 99th Congressional district in Montana can get millions in Spendulous ca$h.

The fact is that the Republicans haven’t had the numbers to stop a damn thing, so if something didn’t get passed, it had more to do with the members of the Dems own contentious and greedy family, as demonstrated by the success in getting health care passed after the special deals cut by Dems like Louisiana’s Mary “Will vote for special deal” Landrieu and Ben “Let’s make a deal” Nelson.

There really is so much in the piece worthy of mocking and ridicule, but for me, the money quote is this gem:

“Unlike Ronald Reagan, whose poll ratings were slightly lower than Obama’s just before the 1982 mid-term elections, Obama didn’t take every possible opportunity to pin the economic mess on his predecessor.”

[Emphasis Added.]

Apparently she’s forgotten the Obama Administration’s Mantra:

But as I read this article, and others like this, I wonder what people who are so deeply under the sway of such a deep delusion will do on November 3, 2010 when the cruelty of reality eats their lunch in a way they can no longer ignore.

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Obama’s half brother in Kenya says he married teen

Of course he did. Why should Barry O get all the fun of fucking more than one person at a time?

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