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“Truth suffers from too much analysis.”  -Frank Herbert

The last few days, we have been subjected, understandably, to various analayses and post-mortems of this mid-term election, as authors and shills have struggled to determine what it means, or to tell you what they hope you will believe it means.  The President himself, focusing on his favorite subject, himself, has determined that the proper response is to keep giving it America, good and hard.  I admit, its one way to make history, but given both his youth, and his easily bruised ego, I don’t think he’ll be remembered the way he would like.

Instead, I’d just like to make a few observations.

In the wake of the 2008 election, pundits and editorial boards across the country were proclaiming that “We’re all socialists now” and that conservatism, and with it, its sometimes companion, the Republican Party, were dead to a majority of the nation, and were doomed to be forever in the minority, if not a footnote in some history books.

While I do think that there are such things as mandates expressed in elections, I also believe that politicians often misread them, or claim them when they were never given.   I think the current administration is a perfect example of the last.  Fifty-two percent does not a mandate make.  Yet they persisted, and when met with the ire of constituents, furious at being told that a program that has continually been rejected was going to be foisted on them for their own good, the Democrats patted the American people on the head as if they were errant children being corrected by wise and benevolent elders…except for the ones who clearly had forgotten how this works, and decided to tell us how stupid we were for failing to see their brilliance, which leads us to the first lesson:


In forcing the health care takeover through, in contravention to all promises made, and without regard to a very clearly manifested will against it, and acting as if they had done us a solid, Democrats, safe in the belief that their positions were merely sinecures with an illusory vote every few years insulted a majority of Americans who could not have expressed their feelings any clearer.   When they started to lose their cool when we didn’t go away, they doubled down by telling us that we’re stupid, and that government can do whatever it wants, without a thought to the fact that the electorate is the house, and the house never loses.  If our employees were not going to listen to us, opting instead to spend billions we didn’t have, on things government should not be doing, then we would get new employees, which brings us to lesson two:


As the groundswell reaction to the Political Class, and its deeply rooted arrogance grew, so did the dismissive tone of our employees.  Many career politicians viewed the Tea Party movement as amateurish, and joined the snickering putdowns propounded by their talking heads, without giving a thought to the inevitability that for every “teabagger”, there is a “teabaggee”.   After the choking that many of them must have felt both in the election, and on Tuesday night, I’m guessing that all but the most imperviously stupid among them will never be so glib about such things again.

The third lesson hasn’t actually been learned yet, but the new officeholders would be foolish to forget it:


Now that the American People have been roused to paying attention, they have a message for the Republicans that rode in to office Tuesday on the crest of their ire and disgust: 

You too, can be replaced.

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