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If there was ever any doubt that the current occupant of the Oval Office is tone-deaf when it comes to the voters, and it wasn’t dispatched with voters who understand perfectly what he is trying to do, there is this gem in the New York Daily News:

Obama tells GOP it’s bad time for ‘no’ as meetings with Republicans loom

No, I didn’t make that headline up.

Ahead of his meeting with the Republican leaders this week, President Obama on Sunday warned them the era of just say no is over.

Why?  Because he won in 2008, that’s why.

The GOP opposed nearly every initiative Obama and the Democrats offered – and sometimes passed – over the last two years.

And the failures to pass the ones that failed had nothing to do with the Republicans, who didn’t have the numbers to stop any of these travesties anyway.  It’s a nice fiction that they failed because of the obstructionist Republicans, but people are paying attention now, and they know that the real problems lay in the straitjacket wing of the Democratic Party.  (Thank God for those nutbars.)

They were so successful at casting those policies as job-killing bailouts that were deadly to the economy that voters on Election Day still believed – by a 2-to-1 margin – that the economy was shrinking, bailouts were ongoing and their taxes were heading up – even though the opposite was true.

Sure the opposite was true.  Just tell the businesses that are looking at the costs of “going green”, or all the waivers to the Obamacare requirements being handed out.  People aren’t as stupid as the Administration and the usual suspects would like to believe.

With the GOP gaining greater say in the Senate and taking over the House, Obama said they’d have to play the game differently over the next two years.

He’s right.  They have the numbers to actually stop some of this foolishness and actually do some responsible and Constitutional things.  And what’s more, the voters who put them there will expect them to do just that.

“Campaigning is different than governing,” Obama told reporters as he flew home from his 10-day Asia trip, suggesting Republicans will walk back some of their more adamant rhetoric in coming days as they take stock of reality.

Not that you’d know it from the way that the President has acted in the time since he actually took the oath of office and was expected to actually do the work.  The “Slurpee” talk was wasn’t governing, although it paid lip service to it.  And speech after speech after speech after speech trying to convince anyone who would listen that Obamacare was a great thing wasn’t leading, either.  But getting this kind of lecture from someone whose agenda was “Shellacked” a few weeks ago is both historic and unprecedented.  Especially when many of the new office holders specifically ran against Teh Won’s agenda.  Maybe if he continues to tell the voters that they’re stupid because they don’t want what he is peddling, he can make himself believe he is the King of Siam, and he can be followed everywhere by a retinue of royal retainers whose only duty is to carry his ego and the shadow he believes he casts behind him, preventing both from ever touching the ground.  I used to wonder what disaster would befall us when reality came and parked itself on his puny little chest and refused to go away.  Now I fear what will happen if he ever rejoins the rest of us here in the real world.

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