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On my drive home tonight, the local talk show host, David Boze, was talking about John Lennon’s death, and the horrible annual spectacle in which the aging hippies and the perpetually naive lionize the dead musician.

He was dissecting “Imagine” and pointing out that it describes a world that cannot be because it goes against human nature, and pointed out that not everyone wants to give up their possessions and personal liberties, and that if they tried to make the more reluctant among us give those things up, they would indeed have something to fight and die for.

Many of the callers expressed the sentiment that the song is crap and it makes them grit their teeth. For my part, it generally makes me want to find a hippie to punch…at least until I think about hippie splatter on my fist. But the winner for “dumbest comment of the evening” was the tool who was totally in favor of the song, and then said “You righties don’t get it. You say you’re waiting for Jesus to return, but then you keep killing him…first with Ghandi, then with Lennon.”

The urge to punch a hippie came roaring back with a vengence…

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