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…he doubles down.

And we see another of his prophecies fulfilled.  He is doing something that is unprecedented and historic.

I have to confess that this one baffles me.  Is he so sensitive to criticism that he brought back Billy Jeff, a person who was rightfully reviled by many pundits and adored by the electorate as a means to reduce the heat he feels from both the right and the left?  Is it an admission that he is in over his head, and he needs help by someone skilled in removing the chastity belts that members of his own party have strapped themselves into?  Is it a last ditch to save legislation that could save his shot at a second-term?

I’m not sure that I can recall another time when a sitting president lent the gravitas of the White House to a predecessor, and one who was part of a rival campaign in the previous election, so that the current president could leave to scamper into the presence of his wife.  After taking yet another glance at the staggering per-job sums of money that were spent by the Government on the Spendulous Jobs, it occurs to me that the money could be better spent just writing checks for $50,000 a piece to people to go out and look for a spine…any spine to give to Obama, since he clearly lost his.

As for the rest of it…I’d love to savor the moment of the hard lefties being pissed with Obama over the tax deal (I refuse to say “cuts”, because when they have been in place for more than 8 years, we are talking about increasing the current rates), but the fact is if he gets it passed, he gets a metric butt-load of spending that they government has no business committing to at the moment.  Especially since the courageous confiscatory lions of Congress that gave us a takeover of one-sixth of the economy have stubbornly refused to do their duty and set a budget.  What this means is that it was coordinated in a plan to try to Brer Rabbit the republicans into passing a bill with irresponsible and idiotic spending (“Oooohhh, Congressional republicans!  Pleeeeeeease don’t make us pass a bill keeping the tax rates the same while allowing us to spend stupid sums of money!!!”) or he didn’t share the purpose of the compromise, and the hard lefties are too dense to see through their OUTRAGE!!111!!!! and understand how this could ultimately benefit them.  I think Billy Jeff’s presence at the podium yesterday explains which one actually occurred.  

This will cost Obama.   This made him look weak to those in the world seeking a sign of weakness, and frankly, this makes him look bad here at home.   Some on the left who saw the Brer Rabbit as have made much of the idea that republicans tried to sell conservatives out.  I agree, but what they fail to realize is that we aren’t above holding our elected officials’ feet to the fire, and the last election showed that we are paying attention.   The hard left apparently still isn’t getting the message.

I can think of few things more surreal, or frightening to a whole new class of White House interns.

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