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In this case, we could only hope.

It is often said that history is written by the victors.  One need only look to the history that is or has already been rewritten by those who would “fundamentally change” this nation, most likely in the flames of the “revolution” that they call for “top down, bottom up, and inside out” or [insert your favorite Mao Tse-Tung quote here], to become concerned how this era will be portrayed to future generations should we forget that what these people advocate has failed every single time it was tried.   Having trouble picturing it?  Think of it this way.  Through some cataclysm, nearly all print, computer, video, and audio records are wiped out…except for MSNBC.  That is the medium through which the players of the day, and the stage on which they stand, are judged.  Scared now?

I got thinking about this, and the video clip below came to mind.  For those of you not familiar with the story, the second commander of Babylon 5, John Sheridan, declared the station free and independent of Earth, when Earth’s government came under the influence of “shadows”, an ancient race that thrives on conflict and chaos, which had recently reemerged after centuries of dormancy, and resumed a much wider war with an equally ancient race that valued order and obedience, and had also influenced other races, including humans, in the past.  Earth grew increasingly tyrannical and oppressive, and Sheridan’s hand was forced.  He was instrumental in leading a group of other defecting military units and allied races to liberate the colonies and then Earth itself.  He avoided treason charges and death by the formation of a new alliance, the Interstellar Alliance, which encompassed many worlds and grew in size and scope.  Because of his role in ending the larger war between the ancient races, his life was prematurely cut short. 

This clip was of historians 100 years in the future from the date the ISA was formed, talking about the now mythical figure, and engaging in the casual and pointless character assassination that we already see applied to many figures from our nation’s past today, when they get an unexpected visit from their target’s wife.

I especially love the last exchange.

On the other hand, I do get the feeling that this is happening right now.  Replace the historians with the chatterati, and Delenn with the average person who may be a member of the Tea Party, or supportive of their goals, and who just isn’t being told what to think anymore.

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