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When Democrats Win, and then proceed through backroom deals and ramming bills through without even the promised opportunity to read and discuss them, we’re told that “elections have consequences.”

When Republicans Win on the promise to actually get budgets under control, compile bills to do so in the open with opportunity for review, progressives refuse to show up and conduct the people’s work, and labor union shills use intimidation, violence, obstruction, and threats, in the name of “the people”, to prevent those promises from being kept because a central tenet of doing so means outlawing collective bargaining…in a situation where both sides of the negotiation are playing with OUR money, and complaining about the loss of a “right” or “freedom” when they have no choice about membership and paying dues in the very organization they claim to be fighting for.

But if you support public sector unions and their right to collectively bargain, this makes sense.  Somehow.

And if you don’t like it, you’re a h8ter.  And probably a fascist.  And obviously one of the rich who are illegally keeping people from the natural resource of wealth.  Or something. 

Why don’t you just die, preferably in a horrible and painful fashion.

Class dissmissed.

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