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I would like to join in the party slamming President I-Won EmptyArmani’s apparent indecision on Libya, but two things prevent me from doing so.

The first is that it is emblematic of his reaction to every other consequential event that has happened on his watch.

The second is that I have plenty of reservations about getting involved.

1.  It is undoubtedly a civil war.

I admit, this reservation is purely a selfish one.  I consider this, and I always think of the “special” things I would want to inflict upon an opportunistic interloper who had the nerve to intervene in an internecine conflict here.

2.  Who benefits?

I’m sure that there are those who say that this is about the Libyan people wanting freedom.  However, if the Muslim Brotherhood has really fomented this the same way that they have in the other nations in the Middle East, then freedom is what drives the cannon fodder, but they are being used by people with a larger agenda that doesn’t include freedom at all.  A middle east that is ruled by the Muslim Brotherhood is not our friend, and fighting their battles for them would only make us suckers.

3.  I can’t forget this:

This is the triumphant return of Pan Am 103 bomber Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi, released by the Brits after serving only 8 years of a 27 year sentence for his role in killing 270 people aboard the airliner in 1988.  This “terminally ill” man was released as a compassionate gesture.  All those people in the bottom of the photo?  Those are Libyans, celebrating the return of this “hero” to his native shores.   Now Libyans want Americans to risk their lives to help them because after decades of rule by a crazed brutish dictator, they claim to have figured out that he is a crazed brutish dictator.  I really don’t feel like we have a dog in this hunt, and I think that when it was just two years ago that they celebrated someone convicted in the wanton murder of 270 people many of them Americans, they can fight their own battle.  Especially when there are billion$ of reason$ for them to settle the matter without our assistance.  I’m a Christian, not a sucker.  And I don’t much care for ingrates, either.

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