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Last fall’s elections were a vote for principle the likes of which haven’t been witnessed in this country for decades.  The much maligned Tea Party activists sent a message and a whole bunch of new congressmen and women to Washington with a clearly defined mandate to reduce the size and scope of government.  The budget negotiations that were undertaken to do the unfinished work of the last Congress were an opportunity to accomplish just that.  And while token gains were made, cutting a few days of the Federal Government’s level of spending since January 1, the people we sent to Congress, and their leader decided that even the largely symbolic victory of another 61 Billion in cuts (as opposed to 900 odd Billion spent up to March 1) and ending borrowed government money to the real Murder Inc., Planned Parenthood, was just too difficult a deal to fight for.

To say that I’m disappointed to see that the House Republicans have all the backbone of a jellyfish is an understatement.  They capitulated when presented with some of the most childish behavior I have had the misfortune to witness.  As a parent, the best analogy I can think of is that the kids demanded their way, and not only do I have to pay the bills to keep the lights on, the roof over our head, the taxes, and the food bill, but they also demanded that we buy a brand new car and give the keys to them.  Oh, and every meal is a desert or junk food now.

While I would normally take comfort in the idea that they can be replaced, the fact is that they will likely have run the credit card up so damn high that every dollar we earn will be paying the debt, and it just won’t matter.

Fellas, if you couldn’t make a stand on this, how in the hell do you think you will ever pass a budget that cuts $6 Trillion?  Mr. Ryan needs to send a gift of thirty pieces of silver to the Speaker…if he can afford such a lavish expenditure.

The consent of the governed is dependent first and foremost on trust.  If I can’t trust you to stick with your principles when you complete someone else’s unfinished work, I sure as hell can’t trust you to fight the big fights.  I hope there was something you got out of the deal that was worth it, because your capitulation on something so small virtually guarantees your failure when its time to do the real work.

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…ask yourself what the Democratically controlled Congress was doing last year.

San Fran Nan needs to shut up and be thankful that her negligence and incompetence has thus far escaped the notice of the general public.  (Thank you legacy media!)

Not that she alone deserves the blame. 

I would call the to the attention of the Empty Suit in the Oval Office when he’s angry about missing this weekend’s tee time.

The President clearly understands he has a bully pulpit.  He just uses it to bully the wrong people. 

I already knew what a ‘failed state’ looked like.  I didn’t need to live in one.

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