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The OBL thing?

I’m over it. 

I have no interest in conspiracy theories about it.  I don’t care if parts of the story make you suspicious.  While I generally have every reason to doubt the President’s veracity, I have no reason to doubt the military’s honor.  They say they did him in, then they did him in.

At this point, I don’t want to dissect the story, I don’t want to think about the significance of Obama’s golf shoes, and I could give less than a fart about how the entire thing, from start to finish, stokes islamic rage.  Eating the main course with the wrong fork would stoke islamic rage and lead to the issuance of fartwas from all corners of the world which have embraced or capitulated to that barbarity. (Although to be fair, I’ve noticed that some Episcopalians would have much the same reaction, so maybe there isn’t something unique behind that anger.)

I know the President would like to continue to be congratulated for doing his job in this one instance, but the stuff I see in my crystal ball scares the crap out of me, and given this administration’s reactions to many of these events, it would be an understatment to say I lack confidence in their strategic planning and prognostication.

A porous border with all manner of evil stuff going on in its vicinity is an indication of unseriousness.

A lack of working American oil wells preparing for the eventual day when the Middle East coalesces into a new Islamic caliphate is an indication of unseriousness. 

Actively devaluing our currency in a world where many of the other economies are faltering is an indication of unseriousness.

But then, given the pettiness of the head of this administration, and his willingness to scold, lecture, and generally divide, we had plenty of warning that he is unserious about these issues, because, lets face it.  None of these things is more important than he is.  At least until there is no doubt that they are.  And then, that will be someone else’s fault, and an opportunity for another lecture.  Because talking is still what he does best.  And the rest of the world knows it.

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