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Delusion (dĭ-lū’zhən): 

A false belief strongly held in spite of invalidating evidence, especially as a symptom of mental illness.

This week marked a new low in the worship of Barack Hussein Obama. 

Yes, I can hear you saying “No, that really isn’t possible.”, but I assure you that it is.

I know.  It can be difficult to sort out who is more disgusting in their slavish devotion to the messiahship of Obama, the man himself, or his drooling followers who were willing to carry water for him, suppress negative stories, and threaten to bring the force of the law against those who would commit the sin of “telling lies” about the cypher who was to become the first “post-racial” President.

But beyond the column backdrop and astonishingly arrogant presumptions, there lurks terrifyingly bad judgment.

Bypassing bankruptcy law in the GM failure, in the Chrysler failure, and other interferences in the market by the entity that is supposed to referee, not pick the winners and losers, the Stimulus and its “shovel-ready jobs”, and destroying new and existing job opportunities with a permatorium on drilling after a weak and ineffectual response to a spill that didn’t need to happen, but for regulations that forced drilling out to a point where it is infinitely more difficult and harder to respond to if there is a spill, bullying a nation that ousted a leader who tried to illegally seize power, then choosing only to “bear witness” to a pro-democratic revolt in one pivotal nation, and chosing to participate in another despite not knowing who the insurgents really were, asking Americans to report on each other to the White House, and taking lavish vacation at taxpayer expense while unemployment remained at the highest level in decades…all of this would be enough to force most Presidents into hiding from the world in a corner of the Oval Office.

But when you are so delusional as to believe this deserves 4 more years, and there are enough followers to agree, you double down by pushing a “jobs” bill so urgent that you have to go on a ten-day vacation to a multimillion dollar estate at Martha’s Vineyard after announcing that you will be introducing the same “urgent” “jobs” bill to Congress with the demand that they pass it RIGHT AWAY!!!11!!!  Then you attempt to summon Congress with almost no notice, on the day of YOUR chosing, to hear your platitudes and demand repeatedly that they pass your [non-existent] bill NOW!

Then, you release the actual bill, chock full of the same kind of government spending and new bureaucracies that didn’t work in previous stimulus spending, and tour to promote it, telling your loyal followers that “If you love me, then help me pass this bill.”  While at the same time, more evidence of really, really bad judgment emerges, your campaign and organizing office releases another “Snitch on your neighbor if they don’t love me” site, and you let your supporters continue to make references that fly in the face of all available evidence.

Even if I wasn’t a Christian, I’d find the comparison to Jesus incredibly outrageous, in the classical sense of the word.

Jesus doesn’t have the record of ineptitude and contempt for the law that Obama has.  It would be like insinuating that Joe Biden and this guy are the same.

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