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The Coast Guard confirmed that a female member was spit on twice and called names by “OCCUPY BOSTON” protestors earlier this week.

A friend of mine who was one of Ma Benning’s Wayward Boys in Vietnam said “You haven’t lived until you have been spit on wearing the uniform of your country.”

For now, the Coast Guard has warned their staff in the vicinity of these maggots to avoid encounters with them while in uniform.

I’m not sure if these “protestors” felt emboldened by the fact the Coastie was a woman, or because she was alone.  And I don’t much care.  The Coast Guard has an honorable history of deliberately going out to save lives in conditions where everyone else is heading in, and in interdicting smugglers.  Its the last that I think they ought to pay very close attention to… and maybe google “HITRON” on their i-phones.

Spitting on people who work hard saving lives and keeping poison out of the country. Maybe its time for a “flyby”. Unless spitting on people who do this for a living is the new standard of bravery.

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