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For those of you who didn’t know, we had a “weather event” here in the Puget Sound this week. While warmer temperatures and rain mean that the snow is now just white patches on the lawns, driveways, and roofs of homes, the power outages from the tree limbs brought down by the ice still linger. This meant that we had no church this morning. And what it meant to me was that while I was taking care of a bunch of laundry, I watched “This Week with Georgey Demomouthpiece”.

I now understand some things that used to puzzle me, and I saw at least one moment of unvarnished and unspun truth that spoke volumes, and yet made no impact in the discussion the various wags were having on the screen.

First, after listening to these people who live very comfortably in their journolistic bubbles talk about their opinions on what they see as being the decisive events of the last week, the magnitude of the disservice that these people do to the country hit me like a ton of bricks. I don’t pity the people who rely on them to help to shape and warp their opinions on politics; I pity the Republic that is being damaged by people who, like good lemmings, have decided that it is imperative that Mitt Romney release his tax returns, but didn’t feel any burning need to delve into the minutia of the current President’s life…little things like his grades, how he made HIS money, his prowess as a consitutional law professor, or what he wrote while on the Harvard Law Review. The longer I watched, the more I understood how the politicians and the talking heads always seem so disconnected. The only people they pay attention to are each other. But when I thought about it, it made sense, in a perverse and twisted way. After all, they all went to “the best” schools, making them uniquely qualified to analyze events through the lenses so carefully fitted on them in those institutions of higher indoctrination. This is why it is an acceptable practice to wishcast when reality doesn’t match the script they carefully wrote, and why it is acceptable to scorn those who do not share their enlightened world view.

As the hour progressed, we were treated to a short bit about the “importance of math” in this campaign that was almost painful in its juvenility. The old guard of alphabet networks has indeed fallen far when they waste airtime on a piece that isn’t worthy of moveon.org or other simplistic leftwing websites and blogs.

And then the inevitable discussion by the panel on “what Gingrich’s victory in South Carolina means”. The Democratic shills from The Nation and ABC were only too happy to offer their meaningless opinions, but then George Will spoke up, and stated that the prospect of Gingrich as the candidate “must horrify the GOP”. The look on his face betrayed the unmistakable fact that the thought of Gingrich as the candidate horrified HIM.

I have my issues with each of the candidates, but whenever I hear a member of the “approved media” talking about them, all I hear is a chasm between those who are reporting the story, and those who will eventually make the story. The disconnect is jarring, and I foresee a time when the little emperors realize that they are only talking to themselves.

That day can’t come fast enough.

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