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“I don’t believe there are any constitutional rights issues here,” Carney said when asked at today’s White House briefing about the regulation.
—White House Spokestool and Rodeo Clown Jay Carney on the impending HHS regulation requiring all health-care plans in the United States to pay for sterilization and contraceptives…including those that induce abortions.

Now to be fair, it isn’t like I expected him to say anything else.  When your already part of the administration that approved the larger unconstitutional scheme, you HAVE to take the position that there is nothing unconstitutional about your unconstitutional details.

And predictably, the Catholic Church pushed back….as they should have.  Uncle has been encroaching on the purview of religion in this country for far too long.  But what surprised me was the outrage that came to the fore in Greater Leftardia.

For two days I have read expressions of unfathomable hatred toward religion, informed by astonishing ignorance, and cognitive dissonance that would have caused their declarants screaming nervous breakdowns if presented on any other topic. 

So much hand-wringing over a “woman’s right to choose [to murder her child under the cloak of “privacy”]”, and not a single thought for a religious organization’s “right to choose” not to participate in acts that are repugnant and contrary to every belief that they hold dear.  That is the essence of freedom of conscience, and if you say that there is nothing wrong with this, then there is nothing beyond the reach of the government, because you have surrendered the right to have a belief contrary from that of the government, and the right to live according to it.

For those claiming that the Church’s “open letter” should strip it of its tax exempt status, you have it backwards.  The Government is encroaching on the Church, not the other way around.   The response has been non-violent, and very reasonable. 

And for those who are incensed that the Church would resist being compelled to take part in your most holy of sacraments, the rite of killing your child, it is one thing for you to eagerly embrace evil, it is quite another for you force others to participate.  And the idea that it being “your body” somehow gives you the right to privacy, but that government can tell someone else what they must do with regard to those they assist?  That disconnect is miles away from any logical conclusion.

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