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Remember when conservative women used to have to run for office to experience the scorn of the Left for being of the wrong political persuasion, and therefore ineligible for the defense and protection of the Party of Identity Politics?

Now, you don’t even have to be the candidate.  Being married to the candidate and having committed the crime of raising your five boys instead of paying someone else to do it is enough to bring to you the tolerance and inclusion that the left reserves especially for those who reject their social hegemony, and instead choose to live according to “outdated” and “archaic notions”.  They aren’t worthy of the same outrage reserved for other candidate’s wives who find themselves under scrutiny for things they have actually said.

Hilary Rosen forgets that raising children is a job, and if it weren’t, parents all over the country wouldn’t pay others to do it for them while they go to work.  But then actually raising your children yourself doesn’t fit in with the left’s “equality” narrative, because to the left, equality only exists when everyone is the same.  The idea that there really are gender differences keeps wymyn like Ms. Rosen awake at night.  

 I’ve heard the cries demanding her resignation or dismissal.  I don’t want her to quit or lose her job with the DNC.  I think she should go right on advising Debbie Wasserman-Schultz on how to “soften” her image.  More outbursts like this and the triple-down non-apology apology are inevitable.  I think that the only difference between her and other members of her party is that she doesn’t bother to conceal her contempt for women who don’t need the government’s assistance and feminism’s archetype in order to be confident, happy, and fulfilled.  By all means, keep her where she is.  She couldn’t be of bigger benefit to the future of the country if she were on the RNC payroll.

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