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No, it isn’t a new summer blockbuster movie.  It’s the story of Brett Kimberlin and if you haven’t yet had the pleasure of  hearing about him, he’s the convicted domestic terrorist who has decided to make threats and intimidation of those who tell the truth about him his reason for living.  His targets have included Patterico, Aaron Worth, and Stacy McCain.

His name is attached to all manner of interesting court cases, and today Glenn Beck devoted a nice on-air chunk of time to Mr. Kimberlin and two of his victims, as well as talking about the groups formed by Mr. Kimberlin and the people who fund them, allowing him to continue his ongoing legal jihad against anyone he deems a threat(or who tells the truth about him, since they seem to be much the same thing).

The Beck link has Patterico telling some of his tale of his entanglement with Kimberlin in his own words, and it is worth hearing.  I normally don’t do link-arounds, but this person apparently likes to use the legal system to abuse people, and that becomes a danger to everyone.  So instead of writing more, I’ll simply tell you that my friend and sometimes co-blogger, Nice Deb has a great list of links to all the blogs talking about this, some of whom have had personal experience with Kimberlin, and others who just happen to find his connections and his past to make interesting reading. 

Now start reading, and tell your friends.

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