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As I enjoy this 4th of July and the terrific films TCM is showing today, I was thinking of the people who would make a better President then the current Duffer-In-Chief.  While this would be obvious to anyone paying attention, I realized that there are still some people who need help with these kind of comparisons.

5.  Mr. Rogers had the courtesy to tell us when he was taking us on a trip to the land of make-believe; Mr. Obama speaks of “Hope” and “Change” as if he were acquainted with both, and that he actually knows where they may be found.

4.  Mr. Rogers invited us to ride a trolley with him; Mr. Obama would force us to ride light rail by choking off as much domestic oil production and refining as possible.

3.  Mr. Rogers wanted to help us become better people with gentle instruction on manners and morals; Mr. Obama actively fostered jealousy and its idiot cousin, envy in the nation he presumes to lead.

2.  Mr. Rogers understood that goodness begins with ourselves; Mr. Obama believes that charity starts with government.

1. Mr. Rogers wanted to be our neighbor;  Mr. Obama wants to organize our communities and pit them against one another.

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