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Back in college, I once had a Political Science professor who said that welfare was a way of buying peace.  Being a mushy-skulled liberal who felt more deeply than I thought, I really didn’t grok it at the time.

Sadly, the proverb about sorrow coming with wisdom is true.  It isn’t just about buying peace, its been about buying votes.  And while it has been wildly successful in empowering politicians, and making the recipients beholden to them, I’m afraid that the duration of peace has just about run its course. 

There has been much made of Mitt Romney’s appearance at the NAACP convention yesterday, and the part where the audience booed him when he said he would make repealing ObamaCare a priority.  Putting aside the predictable idiocy about him “disrespecting the President” and him not pandering to the audience by adjusting his cadence and going in to “Selma” mode, I found this moment telling for a reason no one is talking about, but one that makes sense in consideration of how he didn’t talk about ObamaCare. 

He didn’t talk about the new taxes that are part and parcel of ObamaCare.

Now the taxes are just another in the litany of reasons why many Americans are against it, largely because those who still have to pay taxes understand that there really is no such thing as a free lunch.  But in an economy where african-american unemployment is even higher than other ethnic groups in America, this audience bought into the President’s rhetoric, and sees ObamaCare as something that they and “their community” deserve as an entitlement.

This is the opinion being fostered as the Democrats rally to squelch even discussion of repeal, as they plan to put federal subsidies in place for “those who are unable to pay for the insurance coverage” that the rest of us will be forced to buy.  And predictably, the anger is building…on both sides.

When I pondered this on the drive home today, I thought about the peace that these entitlements no longer buy, and Serenity came to mind.  Our PAX has been the entitlements, but instead of recipients laying down and dying, the sense of entitlement is breeding restlessness…and if enough Americans still care about this country in this election, then I fear that we learn that our PAX has created our own reavers, eager to feast on the taxpayers.

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