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Admittedly, I didn’t watch the whole thing.

It was my first week back to work after a week’s vacation, and as any lawyer will tell you, the combination of rush projects and other work that piles up in your absence will keep you pretty busy.  Living on the west coast also means that you miss some speakers anyway.  On Day One, I only say a few minutes of Ann Romney’s speech, which I hear was good, but she seemed to be struggling with the part I heard.

I caught the second half of Dr. Rice’s speech. I especially liked the ending, which I took as the refined way of flipping the bird to all the jerks on the left who felt free to insult her in every manner possible over the last decade, including all manner of racist caricatures, centering on the insinuation and overt statement about her being a sell-out to her race.  True to form, noted racist and boy who cried wolf, Chrissy Tingles Matthews completely missed out on that. (More on Tingles later.)

I thought Suzanna Martinez gave a good speech, and despite a few minor policy differences with him, I thought Vice President Ryan hit it out of the park.  I’m quite sure that the rude noise I heard a few moments into the speech was Joe Biden soiling himself at the prospect of having to debate someone who won’t fight fair, because Ryan will use both facts and math.

It goes without saying that I enjoyed Day 3, as well, and I felt that Mitt did a good job telling us who he is, and what his priorities will be.  While it isn’t the speech I wouldn’t have given, and it wasn’t the speech I wanted to hear, the one I would have given wouldn’t have been matching with either his style or his character.

What was more telling was what went on outside and around the convention.  Code Pink represented the Dadaist movement by dressing as giant vaginas because they don’t think women are taken seriously by Republicans or something.  I know nothing makes me take someone seriously until they dress like a sex organ that they don’t want to be defined by, and then march around in public, screaming about a “War on Women”.

And the whole “War on Women” meme?  Yeah.  While the crew at MSNBC ignored any speaker that might have caused their 3 viewers to question any of the narratives they were pushing, the fact is that I saw several female governors, lieutenant governors, governmental officials, including cabinet members, and a mother that has endured poverty and debilitating disease on an American journey to wealth, while raising 5 kids, and all of them happy and proud to speak to America from the podium at the RNC.  They were too many to be ‘tokens”, as our tolerant and respectful friends on the right so graciously referred to them as, and if it was somehow a manifestation of Stockholm Syndrome, then you should probably get in line with Romney anyway, because Obama doesn’t have that kind of mojo.  seriously speaking though, I saw smart, strong, confident women who wouldn’t be defined by their lady bits and don’t want government in them, not even to pay for what goes on in them, which is why they have an appeal someone like Sandra Fluke will never have.  For these women, it is about their accomplishments, and not about government doing it for them. 

And I find nothing more compelling or attractive.

The other development is that someone found the absurd switch at MSNBC, and discovered that it went up past 11.  Chris Matthews’ thin veneer of objectivity was wiped completely away by him humping candidate Barack Obama’s leg in 2008; even its memory became dim in the full-on unrequited love affair he started with President Obama after the 2008 election, but this embarrassing public display of affection has made him so defensive of the object of his desire that he’s now seeing “RACISM!!11!!!” in his corn flakes in the morning.  You know its bad when even Joe Scarbourough and Mika aren’t seeing race cards in their breakfast cereal.  This is why its time to just stop talking to Chris Matthews.  All he’s interested in doing is shouting over people so he can talk about what he “hears” rather than what is said.  If I wanted to get the dispatches from a different dimension, I’d go directly to the DNC to get them, and not bother with the official propaganda arm.  And we’ve now moved so far past the ridiculous allegations of “code words” and “dog whistles” that now Crazy Larry is mystically divining what Republicans are “really” saying from words that have almost nothing in common with his sad and tragic “translations”.  While Newt Gingrich is still willing to shoulder the yeoman’s work of challenging Chris Matthews on his own inherent racism, which is screamingly evident from the conclusions that he draws daily, I don’t think that tough love is going to help.  I’m not sure that an intervention will help.  The best thing that I can say about his continuing presence on MSNBC at the moment is that at least he is helping to identify those who are also caught up in their own racial conclusions, which in his case are rooted in his belief that government HAS to help minorities, because they simply aren’t capable of success on their own.  The thing about dog whistles is that only the dogs hear them.  The fact that he, Special Ed, Crazy Larry, and some of the other on-air “personalities” at MSNBC are the ones baying the loudest should be a sobering wake-up call for them.   And the “code words” claim is silly.  There simply is no reason to “speak in code”.  If Republicans are all a bunch of racists, we wouldn’t have to skulk around about it.  The fact is that it is contrary to the stated priorities of the party.  Achievement by building it ourselves wouldn’t be the goal.  Not when it would be about denying it to others.  And while I’m sure that Tingles and Crazy Larry would say that’s exactly what it’s about, I think its simply about silencing a message that they cannot refute.  Its easier to prevent a debate when everything your opponent says is about “racism” (even when it’s not), than it is to explain to someone that they cannot possibly succeed without government taking from those that did, and then giving it to them.

In the short-term, I sincerely hope Chris Matthews gets help.  His break with reality is leading him to be unnecessarily provocative, and it can’t end well if left unchecked.  I sincerely fear for his well-being when President Obama’s reckoning day comes in November and the American people give him his well-deserved pink slip.  Matthews will either have to be put on a 24 hour suicide watch, or he will turn his bitterness on the electorate, and lecture us endlessly for the rest of his pathetic life about our ignorance and bigotry for daring to recognize the mistake that has been the Obama Presidency.

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